Morris BabyFace Goes After Wiyaala | Says God Should Forgive Her But I Think He Needs to Ask God for Some Sense…

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Morris Babyface
Morris Babyface

Of course, I expected the Christian illiterate vultures to come for Wiyaala; for speaking the truth about the increasing noise in our churches—and for saying, she stopped going to church for that reason.

It’s only a thick individual who would think noise in churches should not be regulated in Ghana—and would fail to see the sense in Wiyaala’s statement in relation to modern day churches.

Even if I put my religious revulsion aside, I would still have deep problems with the way churches operate in Ghana, somewhat unregulated. They do what they want and at where they want it.

If you live near any church in Ghana, you are a dead man/woman walking—and woe unto you if you complain about their excessive noise. Certainly, you would find people like Morris Baby Face coming for your head.

The former secular musician now turned a church mouse has asked God to forgive Wiyaala for saying she stopped going to church because of the noise—and his argument even tells you how dense he is…

Morris is reported to have said; “Did Wiyaala say churches make unnecessary noise praising God and praying to him? How I wish there is sense in what she’s said. You play your secular music in very loud speakers for people to dance, sing and praise the devil by doing the unnecessary and you have a problem with those who will make a joyful noise unto the Lord? Well, I think you must put some clothes on to be taken serious. GOD FORGIVE YOU.”

What Morris is not smart enough to spot is that, people actually go to clubs or concerts for this loud music; that is their choice and also concerts are regulated. But when it comes to churches, people do not necessary go there for the increasing loud noise and they sort of have this ‘sacred status’ in Ghana, allowing them to do whatever. Also, I do not see the noise as worthy of anything to God. If God is indeed everywhere and nowhere, must you shout for Him to hear you? Must you amplify the shout?

Must praises be this loud?

Anyway, for those interested in this subject, I have written an extensive piece on Why I Stopped Going to Church, CLICK HERE for it…

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  1. Chris am not commenting on this but just like him,I believe you also asking God for more sense and insight into spiritual matters would do you the best GOOD!!Thanks!

  2. I swear Ghanaian Christians are the most intolerant group of people on earth. And I’m a Christian btw. Y’all call atheists fools & demean other faiths but you’re upset when someone expresses a PERSONAL opinion that’s different from yours? What is Morris ranting on about? Wiyaala said SHE finds churches too noisy. If you dont; carry on with your life and spare us the sermons geez must we all think alike?

      1. And may God forgive you even more for judging us. You think God is happy with this Pharisee behavior of Ghanaian Christians? How did Jesus evangelize to the Samaritan woman? Did he mock her for her numerous husbands the way Morris-Holier- than-thou is mocking Wiyaala for her clothing? May God open your eyes

        1. I think its rather you that has needs the eye opening.whtat is wrong with someone advising a fellow human being about how to dress???like the brother said everyone makes noise from trotro drivers to pubs and all that so it would be best if you dont make a big fuss about how churches are run.

          1. Wow so now as the church of Christ your standard is pubs & drivers? what a shame! you who should be an example to other people in decorum. You make so much noise that people can complain & when they do you say pubs do the same? May God have mercy on us all

  3. who doesn’t make noise in ghana? from Taxi drivers, trotro drivers, beer bars(pub) life band here and there funerals, outdooring, church jama group somewhere, radio stations etc. everyone is making noise