KKD to Hold Thanksgiving Service After Rape Trial…God Has Become A Big JOKE


So a man of 50 years sleeps or allegedly rapes a 19 year old girl in a hotel bathroom—with the girl crying rape and because of lack of witnesses prosecution was dropped by the State, then the man heads to church to thank God.

The question is; Thank God for what?

Kwesi Kyei Darkwah (KKD) is heading to church-The Christ Foundation Family Church in Sukumono near the Golf Course tomorrow for thanksgiving—and I think he should be going there for confession or to ask forgiveness rather.

KKD wrote in an invitation that “Thanks again for your kindness and prayers through this false allegation and four months of persecution. I am deeply touched. Kindly join my family and friends at a Praise and Thanksgiving Service…this Sunday…,” reports Peace Fm.

As a christian, such actions make me wonder what we take God for—-because it seems we have turn God into some big joke. If KKD wants to go to church, I think he should be doing so for forgiveness purposes and not any kind of thanksgiving.

International Tele Evangelist, Dr. Lawrence Tetteh and Cardinal Leslie Tex Buabasah would be in charge of the service—coincidentally Dr. Lawrence Tetteh was alleged to be part of the entourage who went about begging on behalf of KKD for the victim to drop the case.

KKD was accused of raping a 19 year old girl-Ewuraeffe Thompson after the two had a liaison at the African Regent Hotel in December 2014. KKD and his attorneys insisted the two had consensual sex, but the issue of consent was still a contentious one that had to be proven in the court of law.

The aftermath also saw several ladies coming forward with alleged stories of similar encounters with KKD. Before trial even started to ascertain if there was consent or not, the victim wrote to the Judge and the necessary authorities to express her disinterest in the case, citing the media warfare of the case as having psychological unbearable effect on her.

Though the State promised to continue with prosecution even without the key witness, the State later issued a ‘Nolle Prosequi’, dropping the case as a result of lack of witnesses.


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