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‘This is Not the Ghana I Imagined When I Was A Kid | The Country is On A Cruise Country’ Writes Asaase

Electronic waste in Agbogbloshie dump, Accra, Ghana.
Electronic waste in Agbogbloshie dump, Accra, Ghana.

In Ghana, at this point in time, there are many things that are increasing the heat under our derriere and you will hear people defending them in various ways. But the ONE thing you don’t defend is the power rationing—this cannot be called rationing maybe you can help me find a good word for it because the term dumsor has become the title of every comedy skit in the world even the ones about condoms because once a Ghanaian sees dumsor anywhere even written on a public urinal wall it causes him/her to laugh.

This situation is not funny. I wrote an article earlier this year titled-A letter to the people of Ghana and along with the help of Chris-Vincent and the help of President John Mahama himself we are beginning to see the light.

I don’t want to refer to the male actor who sought to ease our tensed backs by telling us to give our President time (we have given him enough time) because in my opinion anyone who isn’t found to be piling pressure through any means possible on government to solve this problem is indeed an enemy of the state.

Oh yeah if you have a generator maybe you can afford to keep quiet but the real Ghanaians are complaining, kindly shut your trap! We don’t pay taxes and vote a President for him to be writing us love letters. This is a quote from a movie I watched, “some men are not born to be happy, they are born to be great”. For you to be called a President of a country, you should have prepared yourself enough to be in the class of those great men. You may or may not achieve the aim but it’s an ideal goal to set if you want to leave a mark. The likes of Nelson Mandela and Kwame Nkrumah, Ghandi, Martin Luther King are such examples. These men may have experienced very few pleasures of this life because their goal was bigger.

I don’t want any Ghanaian to get comfortable with this because when you get comfortable, no change will happen. You need to be so uncomfortable that you feel like pulling your hair out. This is not the future I imagined Ghana to be when I was a kid. I hear people saying if previous governments had done better we won’t be in this situation but I dare say let’s assume Presidents Nkrumah, Afrifa, Acheampong, Limann, Rawlings, Kuffuor didn’t do enough what should we expect?

To those people I say, President Mahama has had 7 years in total because for a large chunk of President Atta Mills’ term, John Mahama was virtually the acting President because of JEA Mills’ illness so I believe if his priority was solving our energy problems he would have done so ages ago!

The country is on cruise control because there is no plan and so we find ourselves firefighting our problems instead of doing pragmatic prevention. The more we keep firefighting the more the problems will be increasing.

Every Ghanaian needs to sit up and make sure this end by this year because if this becomes our ‘normal’, we may never get out and our children will ask us HOW DID YOU WATCH THIS HAPPEN?

I am surprised all of a sudden everyone is talking about the power barges not coming in till September. I remember the day after the announcement was made earlier in the year about the importation of the barges, one radio station in Accra interviewed an energy expert (I don’t remember the details too well because I heard it in passing) who said the barges were definitely not going to arrive by April.

For me, call me paranoid or anti-government, I really don’t care but I don’t believe a word that comes out from any government official even the President so I am not surprised the parent company of whoever is bringing the barges on Joy Fm recently confirmed it.

I wrote this within a short period of time because of the current limitations so please forgive my lack of coherence. My battery will die soon.

Now I believe we must step up the heat and not let this one die down, I am a firm belief in democracy so I am not calling extreme measures, I am talking necessary and legal ways to solve this problem. STEP UP THE HEAT, SPEAK UP ON SOCIAL MEDIA, AT WORK, ANYWHERE, I am tired of what we are living in. If they are indeed affected by Dead Goat Syndrome, they haven’t seen anything yet.


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