‘Leave John Dumelo Alone’ Writes GC Contributor Gabby Nash

John Dumelo
John Dumelo

I’m quite appalled by the way some commentators on the various news threads on social media and blogging platforms continue to demonstrate gross deficiency in their line of reasoning and the fact that their thinking faculty is fraught with prejudices.

Even in animal’s kingdom where vandalism and stupidity reflects animals’ mode of operations, some animals are ‘tolerant’ and liberal (figuratively). So why can’t some humans, who maraud as intellect exhibit broad-mindedness and rather resort to crude methods of addressing issues typical of barbarians?

John Dumelo, a renowned Ghanaian actor whose fame has outstretched beyond Ghana’s boundary called on Ghanaians to exercise restraints and rather support the incumbent government to solve the power crises christened as dumsor.

He made this comment devoid of any insult aimed at anyone. Yet, people have descended heavily on him, attacking his personality and brand. A person brandishing his/her comments is a right and furtherance to our young democracy yet verbal diarrhoea has characterize some people’s attitude without offering any clear initiative to remedy any problem.

“He used to be our favourite actor, but because of his comment, he is a dumb actor and doesn’t know how to act”- goes some of the comments. How can people with brain exhibit lack of common sense?

We live in a country when everything is refracted on a partisan mirror. People are ready to devour you because of your political affiliation, most especially if you belong to either NDC or NPP.

Admittedly the power crisis has become everyone’s nightmare. The president has done little to show he is making any headway. But I dare say the lack of visionary and corrupt leaders have sunk the country into this abyss and that is the repercussion we are faced under Mahama’s epoch.

Lets us learn to be tolerant. Lets us be pragmatic and know how to solve problems than always ‘talking by heart’ in the media.


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