Musician/Comedian-Aplus Says the Problem is Not NDC But President John Mahama

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President-John Mahama
President-John Mahama

Various Ghanaian showbiz personalities have become political activists and commentators in the last few weeks—because of the unbearable hardship the country is facing. For many, it’s the entire NDC which is the problem, not the small portion led by President Mahama which we term; the government.

But comedian/musician A-Plus seems to differ, he claims the NDC is equally great with intelligent, God fearing and noble men capable of effectively running Ghana. The problem according to him does not lie with the NDC party, rather President Mahama who has failed to make good use of the good brains.

A-plus says, President Mahama has sidelined the best brains the party has who are capable of solving the many problems the country faces and has gone for those he term ‘Dwolɔ aka thief’.

The comedian posted on his facebook;

“When I hear people insulting the NDC I get so so angry. Why would anybody say the whole NDC is incompetent and corrupt? When Koku Anyidoho was so power in professor Mills government did he steal our money? Is he not NDC? Even some of the NDC guys called him arrogant because he will not allow them have their way around the professor.

The problem is not the NDC. There are equally good, intelligent, incorruptible, honest, handsome, God fearing and selfless people in the NDC. The problem is John Mahama. He has failed to appoint these great guys in the party and is working with Dwolɔ aka thief, people who insult women and those who tell him what he wants to hear. Whether you are NDC or NPP don’t vote for Mahama ooooo tom!!!! This is not what Rawlings struggled for. This is not the founding principles of the NDC. John Mahama and his thief man them are doing their own thing. I wonder even if they are NDC. Tweaaaa!!!

NB: I’m not like Yvonne Nelson and Lydia Forson ooooo. Me diɛ abi kurasini fucking. If you insult me I will reply your mother. I told you!!!!!”

Aplus post
Aplus post

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