SHOCKING PHOTOS: See How AWFUL Nigerian Prostitutes Live in Italy

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Nigerian Prostitutes in Italy
Nigerian Prostitutes in Italy

We’ve seen some photos and even videos in the past of the sort of appalling conditions African prostitutes, majorly Nigerian prostitutes live under in Italy—while carrying on their night servicing business.

It’s shocking just looking at these new photos; showing the real sleeping place of these women and it looks like, they even host customers there in the bushes.

What at all would make another human being leave her continent and in fact, a country blessed with oil to another to live like a dog if it’s not because of poverty?

Apparently, statistics hold it that there are currently 10,000 to 20,000 Nigerian sex workers in Italy—and majority live rough as shown in the photos.

Since these prostitutes are paid something like 10 euros per a session, affording a decent room or accommodation is not an option; so they live and work from the bush—and certainly drugs are part of their daily lives.

Nigerian Prostitutes in Italy

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  1. This is where bad governance, greed & sheer wickedness on the part of our leaders have landed us. People from a continent whose resources feed the whole world see how we’re suffering. Africa, with the sunshine, beaches, delicious plants, would be the best place to live but thanks to our no-good leaders we have to do all kinds of things we would never have done in cold countries overseas just to survive

  2. This has to do with Ghana and
    Africa as a whole. I apologise because this is going to be a bit long.

    Africans start having wars to control economics and resources and not
    fake wars based on foreign influence and agendas, things will get
    better. Africans were SUPPOSEDLY fighting for independence from their former controlling countries but it now other countries that are reaping ALL the benefits of the peace. It is now being
    followed by the Chinese and the West as the major players in oil and
    construction. So what kind of victory is that?

    Only in Africa
    do you have endless conflict and independence where the victor ends up
    not owning or controlling any of the land and resources they fought for
    because they are nothing but mercenaries working for someone else. it
    is NEVER the Africans. And it will continue like that because outsiders have seen that Africans will put up with it.

    years of colonial exploitation to steal land, resources and gain
    control of Africa’s economic wealth and Africans have YET to fight a war
    to control their own resources, their own economies and their own
    wealth. And that is supposed to be the MAIN reason to go to war in the
    first place.

    Most of all, the Chinese are benefiting from this by increasing their population on the continent and getting oil/other resources from the various African countries like Ghana, Angola and even Kenya. Where were they when conflicts were occurring? Did they help in any shape or form?

  3. Lord have mercy,,, with tears in my eyes, These man are using them for little or nothing,,,,Those sleeping places are very dangerous. Snakes or any bad animals may attack them..May God watch and protect them from all harm and danger………