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READERS’ MAIL: #DumsorMustStop Vigil By Yvonne Nelson & Co is Useless, Waste of Time & Won’t Bring Any Change

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

Dear Chris-Vincent,

From what I have read from you so far, you seem to support the #DumsorMustStop Vigil which is to be held in Ghana and led by Yvonne Nelson and others. I do not have a problem with you for where you throw your support but as an open-minded and smart person, I hope you give this letter the needed audience on your platform,GhanaCelebrities.Com.

Some of the people who comment on your blog are lost and do not know what they are talking about. They talk as if this #DumsorMustStop Vigil will change anything or speed anything contrary to what the President has already planned for the country in relation to the current power crisis.

It’s true there is a power crisis in Ghana and we are all miserably living in the problem with President John Dramani Mahama working hard to end the problem his government inherited. When you inherit something bad like ‘Dumsor’, you work hard to fix it so to leave an admirable legacy behind, this exactly what the President intends to do as he has said on many occasions.

But because of party politics and self glorification, certain Ghanaian celebrities led by Yvonne Nelson have now heard of Dumsor. We have had this problem in this country for many years even before the NDC came to power and they didn’t do anything, now they claim to be speaking for people. I guess the people were dead all these years and just waked up.

If anyone really thinks this #DumsorMustStop Vigil is going to change anything, that person must be laughed at. The NPP and several NPP disguised groups such as the one Yvonne Nelson and others are leading have held countless demonstration which achieved nothing. Demonstrations don’t solve any problem, it’s the president’s initiative which will and that is what we have to support.

The uselessness of this #DumsorMustStop Vigil is becoming apparent with those who claim to be in charge unable to even follow due process to secure a venue. Are these the people you want to become the mouthpiece of Ghanaians? Pretty lame.

Who goes about and announce venues for demonstrations without first having contacted the owners of the venues? This tells you how lame those leading this campaign are; they don’t even know what they are talking about in relation to Dumsor, they are just shallow minded celebrities looking for the usual hype and attention.

Look deep into the eyes of Yvonne Nelson and those who claim to be charge of this #DumsorMustStop Vigil and ask them if their actions will change anything. It’s total waste of time and the fact that they can’t even follow due process in this simple matter should tell you they should shut up and respect the President who is following due process in Ghana and will soon fix the power crisis.

Why anyone will waste his or her time with this #DumsorMustStop Vigil is a mystery to me because the leaders don’t even know what they are doing or talking about.

From: Eugene Ampah/Accra


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5 thoughts on “READERS’ MAIL: #DumsorMustStop Vigil By Yvonne Nelson & Co is Useless, Waste of Time & Won’t Bring Any Change”

  1. Eugene Ampah I hope all this people they call celebrity will have the mind to reason like you, you are 100 percent right ,this is not going to change anything for NY and co ,is completely waste of time.

  2. Ok so a little bit of education gentleman. Government had no intention of solving this problem until the persistent demonstration started late last year by various groups like OccupyGhana,TUC,AFAG and the NPP. After those demonstrations the government set up the ridiculous power ministries and told us byApril barges will come in to solve the problem(mind you we are in May)All these new so called ‘problem solving’ devts happened after constant demonstration. Next time talk about things that have value to us.
    Prior to public outcry if the government wanted to solve our gas problems and by extension our power problems, its main goal in 2009 (after coming into power on the bac of giving us a better Ghana) for the energy sector would have been constructing the Atuabo Gas plant. They however decided to wait till 2013 to begin construction when the crisis had started in earnest. This is a government without a plan and the best language they understand is pressure so that is exactly what we Ghanaians will give them.
    So whether or not its useless is not for you to say. Leave people to express their frustration. You aren’t feeling what they feel. So in summary, to most of us who have this country at heart, your letter is more useless and won’t cause any change. Thank you.

  3. First of all, the dude who wasted his time to write this piece is rather the waste. Every descerning reader will agree with me that you writing this piece from the angle of hatred for Yvonne Nelson. Is it because she is one of the strikers leading the attack and not someone else? Now let’s be frank, YN and co are celebs whoat least voices are heard when echoed. Look at the media attention this whole vigil has attracted and you call it a waste of time? Do you wanna tell me the government havenot heard? Dude, rather call the government a waste of time. These are celebrities who are speaking for the voiceless, you and I when we sit at homes and complain but not heard. Over the western world people use their status to voice out opinions and champion it but not our own. You will get the haters and the PHD(pull him down) people like this writer. Anyway YN, Sark, Lydia Forson, keep the faith and don’t quench the spirit, keep keeping the government of its toes. M’akyer3 m’adwen. Makaa maka.

  4. First of all, the name “Eugene” means wellborn but dude I wish your mother had an abortion. You wrote this long essay to Chris, just so you will make a fool out of your own self. Last I checked, demonstration(noun) means an act of showing that something exists or is true by giving proof or evidence. Now (1). Is Ghana experiencing power crisis.?? (2). Do lights go off for days in certain neighborhoods.?? Who said the #DumsorMustStop vigil was gonna fix the problem.?? YN, sark and Lydia are Ghanaians adding their voices to what seems like a never ending problem. It’s pretty sad you tagging them NPP. If I may ask, are you NDC.?? Dude if something ain’t right it ain’t right, irrespective of your political colors. Yes I do agree with you, it’s really silly on the part of YN not to have secured a venue before putting out a date but hey, what about those leaders who promised Ghanaians that this whole nightmare was gonna end… What you gonna call them.?? (LOL).!! And hey Kofi Adams is calling out to some NDC goons to join the vigil…


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