IN PHOTOS: All-Round Filthy Gutters in the Capital | Why Accra Still Records the Highest Cases of Cholera in Ghana in this 21st Century

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Accra, Capital of Ghana

Seriously, Accra is more than qualified to be ranked among the many African cities that truly understand dirtiness – and I mean real dirtiness. If you’ve had the opportunity to live in Ghana’s finest capital city before, this assertion will not sound eccentric to you.

From the homes of many Ghanaians living in Accra to the streets, one thing that you’re sure to come across is filth, most of it being sachet water rubbers.It is not surprising that Accra still records the highest cases of cholera in Ghana in this 21st century.

Mind you, the Mayor of Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Dr. Alfred Okoe Vanderpuye was recently adjudged Africa’s Best Mayor for developing the capital city. Development indeed! And a billboard was even mounted in Accra to welcome our Mayor back after a trip to receive his award in Angola. Dumping of garbage in gutters without any restriction is a norm in Ghana and as such, people gladly adhere to this rule – from the law enforcer to the layman on the street.

Accra, Capital of Ghana

GhanaCelebrities.Com decided to visit some areas in the capital and check out how clean Ghanaians keep their gutters. Our ratings, on a scale of 0 – 100, might give the impression that we are mean to Ghanaians so we will allow you to do the ratings after glancing through the photos.

If the saying; cleanliness is next to Godliness, is true, then I think Ghanaians are nowhere near that Godliness. Until we make it a habit to keep the city clean, Cholera will forever be a part of us. If you did not know, the last time Cholera was heard of in Britain was over 100 years ago—yet it kills many of us each year in Ghana.

Accra gutters (1)

Accra gutters (2)

Accra gutters (3)

Accra gutters (4)

Accra gutters (5)

Accra gutters (6)

Accra gutters (7)

Accra gutters (8)

Accra gutters (9)

Accra gutters (10)

Accra gutters (11)

Accra gutters (12)

Accra gutters (13)

Accra gutters (14)

Accra gutters (15)

Accra gutters (16)

Accra gutters (17)

Accra gutters (18)

Accra gutters (19)

Accra gutters (20)

Accra gutters (21)

Accra gutters (22)

Accra gutters (23)

Accra gutters (24)

Accra gutters (25)

Accra gutters (26)

Accra gutters (27)

Accra gutters (28)

Accra gutters (29)

Accra gutters (30)

Accra gutters (31)

Accra gutters (32)

What do you think?

Kwame Hagan


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  1. How do u expect ppl to sweep and keep the environment clean when there’s no light to see? those spots were missed because of dum sor

    1. Are you being facetious or you really believe that? I hope it’s the former else you have just shown the whole world how backward the Ghanaian mindset is. How can one raise dumsor as the reason for the filth engulfing the city when there is such a thing as daylight. You are aware there is such a thing as daylight in Ghana right?
      Is dumsor bad? Absolutely. Is it the reason Ghanaians are filthy? Absolutely not! Besides Ghanaians are buying generators only to make noise at their filthy and corrupt churches. Why don’t they use the time and effort to clean the gutters. I guess they forgot the cleanliness is near to godliness bit. Then again Ghanaians are selective literalists. Picking and choosing the parts that justify their thieving, lying and corrupt lives. The filthy streets and gutters are an extension of the filthy minds and hearts of the people living in the country. A healthy mind is found in a healthy body. Ergo a sick mind is what is found in the sick and ailing body of Ghanaians. And they’ve found an excuse not to see it. A sad excuse called voodoo and magical churches. Like zombies they flock to these filthy institutions and neglect all the filthy environment and the problems facing the entire country.
      If you want to blame the reason for the filth blame the churches that have become places of pay per absolution and have remove the sense of shame and morality from the Ghanaian mindset. I am certain every Ghanaian living in the filth walks past the filth to attend church in their washed and double starched clothes.
      Soiling where you sleep is a sure sign you are losing your sanity. And dumsor has nothing to do with it. As someone who has flown with Ghanaians from Accra to New York I am not surprised by the filth as delta airline can attest to the tendency for Ghanaians to create filth. It’s in the mind and they have their fake religion to to justify it.

    2. Wow.!! Anyway you entitled to your opinion…who cleans gutters at night.?? If we all will stop reading politics into everything then our motherland might be a better place.!!

      1. There is a big difference between a person sounding dumb and a person actually being dumb. Bernice Arnolds is dumb Period!!????

    3. loooool Bernice your humor…I cant stop laughing…yes its the dumsor oh..whatelse…#dumsormuststop so we can have clean gutters…oh Ghana dab3n da

  2. Ghana is dirty…we throw rubbish out there even in broad day light….that’s what really pissed me off when I was home last Christmas…let the country be cleaned right now…you will definitely see garbage the next two hours…I remember many many years ago Germany, well I heard they wanted to introduce the burning of garbage to supply energy in Ghana….such can be found in Scandinavia where it is the source of central heating…what really happened? It’s like Ghanaians well the government is not fond of progress… I know of foreign companies that will like to set up recycling projects in Ghana but are not really being supported by the government….it’s really sad.. Ghana has lots of resources to be one of the best countries in the world….unfortunately our government and our mentality is really stagnating our progress…we are our own enemies….tweaaa…3y3 gyimie anaa s3 di3n….

  3. Oh my goodness this is too horrible… so what happen to the cleaning campaign they have been doing. This is very serious. Wowww


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  5. I nearly puked looking at these pictures… But i live in Ghana and i think people are just dirty. . They drop anything on the street with no sense of nationalism..The mayor must start arresting people i think.