PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Jackie Appiah, Nikki Samonas, Mona Aka Hajia4REAL, Yvonne Okoro and Mzbel

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Don’t underestimate the purchasing power of rich men—they mostly buy the precious looking ornaments and this is exactly what Kenpong has done with Mona aka Hajia4Real who continues to wow her many social media followers with photos of her fab lifestyle made possible by her rich boyfriend.

Jackie Appiah is as usual looking fab in the below photo—with Yvonne Okoro also having over edited her photo but still looking good.

Mzbel shows a little much of her chest in a new photo and we are indifferent about Nikki Samonas.

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  1. Chris-I normally do not comment but I frequent this sight. Is Mona a celebrity? or in this society when you open your legs to rich men that cement your status as a celebrity?

    1. Brilliant question? What about Mizbel did she ask permission from the furniture shop b/f taking the pix? empty barrels.

  2. is jackie a different hotels every tym. since i started GC, all her pictures have been the same. ahhhhhhhhhhhh adennnnnn? ashawo kubokubo

  3. Pls GC what is the difference b/n this morna girl the other girls exposing their bodies on social media that you have condemned? Or is she a celebrity? Is she paying you to publish her pictures?stop this double standard!

  4. She is my sister..internationally acclaimed wh***…caught leaving hotel rooms of African presidents or delegates wen a summit or a programme is being held in Ghana. .Gc goddess

  5. Gc is claiming dat okoro has edited her pic Wat of star actress jackie?? Jackie is always cocking her head to one side before taking pics…massa u r one way too much..n Wat da heck is nikki wearing..i know kod sew dat ugly as his reputation now