President Rawlings Condemns Attacks on Yvonne Nelson and Her Fellow #DumsorMustStop Cohorts

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J J Rawlings
J J Rawlings

I don’t know what he’s been eating but these days nobody drops truth bombs in Ghana quite like everybody’s favourite ex-President.

Rawlings is one of the only few people in the NDC who’s able to discern reality, and his opinion on the insults that are being raised on Yvonne Nelson and the other celebrities who are doing no more than exercising their constitutional rights clearly show that.

Former Black Stars captain Stephen Appiah paid a courtesy call on the former President, and he expressed his sentiments about the insults of clueless henchmen like Appiah Stadium and Stephen Atubiga.

“Our sister Yvonne Nelson is expressing her concerns and insults are being rained on her. It’s not fair. Is that how to do politics?”

Jerry Rawlings also intimated that a lot of what’s happening in the country ticks him off, but it’s only occasionally that he can come out to speak on a topic.

“I have been angered by certain things but I have kept quiet. It’s not money that will rescue us; it’s not power play that will rescue us but integrity and humility”

The planned vigil by the celebrities sparked outrage from some section of the ruling party and other celebrities who disagreed with the vigil. We’ve seen petty insults, attacks on the personality of the organisers, and numerous other shameful words come out of the mouth of supposed members of the party that to solve this crisis for us.

Like I said in my piece bemoaning the heaping of insults of people just protesting the hardships we’re all going through, in discussions of the planned vigil, people always come in with their preconceived notions. Supporters of the NDC call the planners and supporters of the vigil all sorts of names, despite the fact they’re smack dab in the middle of the suffering caused by dumsor and feel it just as keenly as the next man.

We feel that our political affiliation should dictate the position we take on issues, not trivial considerations like honesty and accountability. If you’re feeling reluctant to take any action and others feel the need to take it too, all it earns them are name-calling and shameful insults

That’s the kind of politics President Rawlings is calling for an end to.