National Association Of Nigerian Students Calls On Sanctions Against MultiChoice Nigeria For Flouting Court Order


MultiChoice/DSTV Nigeria quite recently were taken to court by a group of Nigerians calling for the stoppage of the South African company’s annual price increase.

A judgement was granted restraining MultiChoice from increasing the tariffs in Nigeria. However, and according to the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), the order is being flouted by DSTV who continue to increase prices.

In a press release, the group calls for sanctions to be applied to the company for quite blatantly flouting a court order. They protest the quite infamous high handedness of DSTV’s pricing in relation to the services they provide, and say they won’t stand for any more maltreatment of Nigerians.

“Multichoice has over the years treated Nigerian customers with much disdain. Unlike in other climes where Multichoice operates, Nigerians pay to watch local channels, Nigerians also pay exorbitant subscription charges compared to others despite poor services rendered.

We have also observed that the company has been selling substandard decoders to Nigerian subscribers even as it has refused to introduce the pay per view as it is obtainable elsewhere.

These and many more are the evils being perpetrated against Nigerians by Multichoice. But what NANS will not condone is for the company to extend its rascality to brazenly disobeying the laws of the land.”

So it looks like even the courts can’t stop DSTV from fleecing their customers as much as they like. What’s surprising though is that no one is raising a finger and it has befallen on a student group to bring this to the fore.


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