Ace Hood Says Sarkodie is A Liar & He Paid Him $25K Before He Accepted to Feature On His Song


Somewhere last week, social media was buzzing with fans of Sarkodie celebrating the fact that the Ghanaian rapper was in a studio working with US rapper-Ace Hood. For the critics, there was nothing big about Sarkodie working with Ace Hood.

I took to my facebook at the time to write this;

“I just came on Facebook to take a break from the Cannes madness out here and it seems Sarkodie working with Ace is trending—with some Ghanaians saying it’s a BIG thing and others saying; it’s not anything huge.

Now to determine if it’s a great achievement for Sarkodie to be working with Ace, you must first know the terms of the work—is Sarkodie paying him some money so he can feature on his track? If Sarkodie is paying him, then what is the big deal here? I can even pay him if I have the money to feature on my demo—not literally though.

But if Ace has heard of Sarkodie’s songs and appreciates his work as well as his career direction and has decided to collaborate or work with him on the basis that he sees him fit, then it’s a great achievement.

Look, showbiz in US or anywhere is all about money these days—a few cares about integrity. So if a Kumawood producer wins Euro millions and decide to bring Denzel Washington to star in his movie; does that mean the Kumawood producer is now the best or has achieved anything beyond what his money or anyone’s money can buy?

It’s the relationship of the work that should settle this debate…Until we know that, everyone is right!”

Message on Ace Hood working with Sarkodie

Following that, Sarkodie also mentioned in an interview that Ace Hood actually contacted him to work with him for ‘free’. Speaking to Bola Ray on Starr FM, he actually said ‘Ace Hood approached him.’

But it seems Sarkodie lied—he paid Ace Hood 25,000 dollars to have him feature on his song.

A fan twitted at Ace Hood putting to him rumours that he contacted Sarkodie to work with him for free—and the rapper tweeted to say; that is a lie—he only did the feature when the $25K settled in his account, from Sarkodie.

When will our Ghanaian Celebrities stop throwing out lies and just present things as they are?

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