Ace Hood Says Sarkodie is A Liar & He Paid Him $25K Before He Accepted to Feature On His Song

Ace Hood


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  1. when will the Ghanainan media put an end to this irresponsible reportage koraaa. Sarkodie never said anywhere that Acehood Begged him, yet you have the media reporting “Acehood Begged me- Sarkodie” what kind of journalism is this? And in anycase what is wrong if Sarkodie paid Acehood 25k to feature on his song? Its that not done all over the world? Did Rickross feature on P-Squares Onyinye for free? Did French Montana feature on Ice princes song for free? So where is the lie if Sark paid Ace 25k to feature on his song? This is why I will always supports Sarks #FREEPRESS.

    1. Pls do ur research well. First , go n watch that interview he had with bola Ray on starr fm n then find wat de hammer wrote abt this collaboration few days bac . You re here saying wat u don’t know. Y shld sark lie abt this to us ?First of all, nobody asked anything so y did he even volunteer giving us that info. I ve always said this n will say here too. Sarkodie is Gud but he thinks he is bigger than who he really is . Very little is known abt sarkodie outside of Gh yet this nigga brags n hype himself too much. I remember wen he lied some few years bac that he was signed to convict label. It came out as a lie. He needs to be real with himself and stop the bragging

  2. Hmmm Gh controversies,I think this is not the first time our celebrities collaborated with some int.stars,what’s the hype and ace hood?tweaa spare us the noise!

  3. Sarkodie needs to be truthful cos this could affect any collaborations in the future. If sarkodie made those claim then he must think his fans are stupid enough to believe that an American artist would work with you for free…really sarkodie??? And I doubt any of these rappers have heard of him even with the BET nominations.

  4. LOL.!! Wonder what that sark nigga was thinkin’ runnin’ his mouth on radio.!! Ain’t nuthin wrong payin’ “ace” to be on ur track… #BOYSKASA

  5. Wat at all is de big deal of Ace n Sark, Ace is great rapper who is also tryn very hard to mk it in his country as Sark is also tryn very hard to mk it in his country. So wat is de big deal. Dese celebrities will also gv us large platforms for us to tlk abt dem saaaaa. Ohhh hoo… celebrities wahala everywer……evryday

  6. Haven’t listened to this Sark interview with Bola bt from wht I hve ‘read’ so far I think the article had a misleading title regardless of Sarkodie paying ACE hood or not.