EVIDENCE: Yvonne Nelson is “A Goddam Opportunist, A Thief & A Corrupt Individual” Like those Politicians Messing Up Ghana

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Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

When Yvonne Nelson started the #DumsorMustStop campaign, GhanaCelebrities.Com and almost every Ghanaian on social media supported her. We wrote dozens of articles and gave the campaign all the needed social media publicity.

Behind the veil, there were serious conversations going on—and personally, I spoke to about 6 top Ghanaian actresses who said Yvonne Nelson was just looking for attention to promote her soon to premiere movie. And that, she was just using the #DumsorMustStop campaign to gain more followers on social media as well as offline so that she would ride on the “true need of the people” to launch her movie promo.

As much as I am not a big fan of Yvonne Nelson, I defended such arguments and tagged them as mere speculations. But today, I feel ashamed because Yvonne Nelson is doing exactly what these actresses highlighted and said she would do.

The actress took to twitter a few hours ago to promote her soon to be premiered movie—and had the audacity to use the hash tag #DumsorMustStop in that tweet.

What this means is that, though her movie has nothing to do with the DumsorMustStop campaign, she is stealing or abusing the #DumsorMustStop hash tag for personal gains. It’s this same cunning act, dishonesty and opportunist conduct by our leaders which has fetched us this Dumsor.

Offline, this is the same as being given a State car for a state responsibility and then at night, you turn it into a taxi for your own financial gains.

It’s insulting to all of us who supported the campaign and made the hash tag popular for Yvonne Nelson to turn around and use it in such a dishonest way to promote her movie…

WTF! Girl, remove that tweet…Stop stealing from the public!

Dumsor is truly affecting Ghanaians and here you are abusing the campaign for personal gains?

Yvonne Nelson's tweet
Yvonne Nelson’s tweet

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. How does someone even make a comparison like that??lol..clearly you really don’t like her and it is fine but no one really cares. She gave people an opportunity to vent. Secondly all artistes are guilty of this. My personal belief is that Yvonne and johns ‘fight’ is a publicity stunt. We must focus on the fundamentals. Are we experiencing dumsor, did we need a reason to vent, did we need a platform to remind the government of its promises?.. Its like saying lucky dube, bob Marley used their activism to sell their songs..of course they did..whether or not it was genuine is immaterial. I did not even know she was releasing a movie till it was mentioned here. So who is giving publicity now?

  2. she did same in Nigeria and the Nigerians exposed her and said she was fake (REMEMBER IYANYA’S CASE). i new all along this is to for her new movie and to be relevant in the media, and now she is even been tagged as YAA asantwa my *ss. she did same to Sandra Ankobiah and we all thought Sandra was the bad person, Karma is truly a bitch. Sandra is smilling in France at the moment .

    1. huh? Did Yvonne opened her mouth to tell you she was weeping? please be real, Who the f%%%k is that Iyana any way? You are the righteous one with perfect relationship so keep it up and criticize others. If you’re perfect, then why aren’t you married? The girl cut her friends to concentrate on her career too makes her a bad one? Hating on her will never open a door for you if you don’t know. Ebufusem paaa

  3. oOh come on GC. Didn’t she starts advertising this movie when it was still in production? Do you think hating on her for posting this will stop people from going to watch it. Please be real and stop all this hatred. Aaaaba #bitterness is an ugly disease, isn’t it obvious that those so called celebrities are jealous you are talking about are jealous? Give the girl a break wai

  4. Yvonne koraa why? You were winning and now this? Why use that hashtag to promote your movie? That is a big no no no

  5. At least since the vigil I’ve not slept in darkness. if you were in Ghana you will understand the impact it has made. I was at the vigil and the kind of crowd she pulled was amazing. Quality crowd!. We were all looking for an avenue to express our frustration and she did, Man must eat. So many celebrities do that. its better than using fake Louis Vuitton to promote yourself on social network. I don’t even follow her so I’m not aware about the movie. So you are rather promoting her movie. She understands the media and she is using it to her advantage. Her so called colleagues should give her a break, In any case I think I read sometime ago that her last premier was the biggest in Silver bird’s history so she is not an underground entertainer. She is big!

  6. Oooh shut up! U self righteous bigot! Wasn’t she the one who started the hashtag? What has yam legs Jackie Appiah done?
    She can use the hashtag to sell her underwear for all of I care.
    Since the vigil time, I have had constant source of power thanks to Yaa Asantewa Yvonne Nelson.
    Sit in ur Council flat be enjoying constant electricity whilst talking nonsense.

  7. So because of Dumsomuststop campaign Yvonne have no right to continue her dreams or acting career…Ghanaian’s like talking

    1. The point is there’s nothing wrong with following her acting. But she mislead Ghanaians into believing that dumsor campaign was about us and our discomfort. Meanwhile her true intent was to gain as much self attention and popularity so as to capitalize on it and push her upcoming film The issue is the film and the dumsor matter are two entirely separate entities. When she merged the two, her true agenda was revealed. She is not very smart at all because some ppl were already onto her and predicted this move. John said it today, yvonne’s main goal was to look good in the public eye, she did not care who she slaughters to get there.
      That is the point.

      1. Well you can label her whatever you want but according to those in Ghana, her whole vigil has cause a great change. Be proud of her for once. I don’t even see anything wrong with what she typed smh.

        1. My dear I challenge you to mention who said any great change has occurred. The lights are still off more than they are on. In fact i hope your sources in GH have informed you of another demo in Kumasi on 28th May. You think if there was great change FIPAG will also organize a demo in Kumasi? The only difference is that this one has been carefully planned and appropriate permission granted so expect no embarrassments like Yvonne’s. Let’s see if she attends. if her stance is really and truly for this cause.

  8. It was obvious from day 1 that Yvonne was just desperately looking to use the Sympathy and attention from the campaign to her advantage. It was clear with all the poor planning, lack of preparation and goofs. An opportunist will always be exposed. Some ppl saw it early and said it but others thought it was pure hating. The girl is a natural born drama queen and attention seeker. How can u insult your own friend and expect him to entertain your calls? Then when he doesn’t, you have temper tantrums and delete his pictures on your IG. Smh….madness

    1. ARe you sure you’re not connected to John dumelo? Your comments seem’s a bit harsh and personal. Well she didn’t mean to insult her, we all know yvonne didn’t mean what she typed. As the saying goes, to heir is human and to forgive is divine. If John really cherish and understand their true meaning of friendship am sure he will forgive her without taking this personal. Please don’t exchange any words. Am only stating the facts. Good night

      1. I respect your opinion but Yvonne is not a kid. What exactly did she intend to establish by calling him an ass kisser at a time when his head was already on the chopping board? That is not friendship, it’s backstabbing. Am not connected to John as u suggested, but I cannot imagine if such public betrayal happened to me. Yvonne knew john was recieving death threats on his life amongst other horrendous threats. she knew he was the most hated person at the time and went ahead to incite more resentment on her own “best friend” by calling him an ass kisser. Implying that he likes to kiss the governments ass! She might as well have fed him to hungry wolves. I don’t blame john for rejecting her calls and blasting her. He should forgive her tho BUT keep a massive distance from her. as far as possible.

  9. Chris we all know that you do not like Yvonne but at least you should try and hide it sometimes. what is wrong with what she wrote?She is going to premiere her movie of cause she will need light for the premiere so if she hash tag dumsor must stop what is wrong with that?For calling opportunist,thief and corrupt because of that is unacceptable

  10. I am very sure u proposed to Yvonne and she rejected it because this hatred u have for her is senseless.Is she not an actress/producer?Hasn’t she been doing this job for sometime now?Isn’t her work affected by this dumsor crisis?So where is the publicity stunt here by protesting against it?Can’t she continue her job after doing that patriotic act?Will u pay her bills?I knew that u hated the fact that majority of Ghanaians were praising Yvonne for her patriotic stance and just as expected here u were preparing to publish something negative.Anyway where is yr favourite Jackie Appiah who was given our taxes to waste them in Brazil?Between that and what Yvonne did which one is more beneficial to the nation?Infact a lot of people are poised to help this young lady with her career by patronising her movies even if they won’t watch them so yr petty hatred won’t yield any results.May God bless u Yvonne Nelson.

  11. Haha I like how pple attack here without thinking,in my opinion I think Yvonne and John are pulling a stunt on us,publicity as usual and pple shouldn’t be buying that.Also the point is the more we make a lot of farce abt this,the more we helping her promo.Dumsor has already had its time any other thing is her own stuff.Who cares.

  12. Whatttt? The writer of this article is clueless, wtf is this whole news? The headline and the storyline don’t even click. GC please lets apply professionalism on this blog. Do not post any rubbish for viewers again. This girl to me did a great job on her campaign and must she continue campaigning 24/7 without working for her needs? Am very disappointed shame on whoever wrote this. Get a life and stop hating on someone with dreams and boldness.

  13. But yet these 6 top actresses couldn’t say that to her face probably, honestly I feel like yn has made an impact with her vigil (am not in gh so I wouldn’t know how much) but at least she actually did something. Celebrities all over the world use some type of drama to promote their music, movies and all that so yn shouldn’t be criticised for it.

  14. Knew this ws going to come up bt the basis (lack of a bettet wrd) were totally off mkn this a non-fa article, thts all