’19 Kids And Counting’ Reality Show Cancelled Due To Child Molestation Scandal


‘19 Kids and Counting’ is an American reality show on TLC that features an extremely conservative, Christian family; ‘The Duggars’.

They apparently portray wholesome Christian values to the world, and live lives in glorification of Christ. They are certain shows the kids cannot watch, certain dresses they cannot wear, and they cannot go on a date without a chaperone.

All this whilst a camera follows them around- basically the kid-friendly version of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’

So the world was shocked when news broke during the week that the eldest of the 19 kids, the now 27 year old Josh Duggar, was involved in a seks scandal over a decade ago in 2002, when he was 14 years. Even bigger was the revelation that the family basically covered it up until years later when Oprah Winfrey discovered the allegations and reported them to police.

Raw Story reported that Arkansas police confirmed the case, which involved the 14 year old Josh fondling the ‘breasts and vaginas’ of multiple young girls, including some of his sisters’ as they slept.

The family discovered the issue, and took no action except to send Josh to a family friend for a stern lecture. That family friend was Jim Hutchens, a man now serving a 56 year old sentence for child pornography.

The entire family was set to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show in 2006, when Oprah’s team received a tip about the molestation. Oprah refused to feature the family, and forwarded the allegations to the proper authorities.

The statute of limitations had run then, so Josh could not be prosecuted. He went on to continue and become a highly influential public figure, having a big position in the Family Research Council, where he staunchly campaigned against abortion and LGBT rights.

Immediately the scandal broke, Josh released a statement with an apology. However when no one knew about it, he was quite happy to claim the moral high ground in his bigoted campaigns against the rights of other human beings just like him whose only fault was being born homosexual.

Aside that, the hypocrisy of a family who puts up a facade of righteousness, whilst condemning gays and other sexual minorities in society; yet the one time they were faced with a real moral dilemma they did what any other self serving human would do is just astounding.

TLC, the network on which ’19 kids and counting’ runs, have cancelled the show in the wake of the scandal.


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