ECG Disconnects Yvonne Nelson’s Apartment for Not Paying Electricity Bills & Using Illegal Connection?

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

Information reaching GhanaCelebrities.Com has it that actress-Yvonne Nelson who recently championed the #DumsorMustStop campaign has had her electricity disconnected for the reason that, she was not paying her bills and was also using illegal connection….

Apparently, ECG has disconnected the entire RED ROW Estate where Yvonne Nelson recent took a mortgage and currently lives for illegal connection.

Though unconfirmed, GhanaCelebrities.Com is told that, Yvonne Nelson bypassed air conditions which take more power and therefore charges, just to be paying her bulbs all this long….

For now, the criminal aspect of this situation is obvious as stealing electricity supply in Ghana is a crime. But the true question is; is this just an Yvonne Nelson witch-hunt or is Electricity Company of Ghana just doing their jobs?

If ECG is just doing their jobs, why did they take this long to spot this illegal connection—and why certainly immediately after the #DumsorMustStop Vigil?

According to ECG, illegal connection “occurs when the customer connects electricity supply to his premises without a meter.”

In the past, ECG has mentioned that the company loses millions of dollars a year as result of illegal connections—which affects the ability of the company to operate efficiently and as such illegal connection is somewhat part of the reasons why Ghanaians  suffer power outages.

The important question is; why is Yvonne Nelson or her estate management people not paying the right electricity bills—if this is in whole the truth?

We reached out to Yvonne Nelson on her number ending 939—but we are yet to get a reaction.

A few days ago, editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com-Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri lashed out at Yvonne Nelson, saying, in his estimation, Yvonne Nelson is no different from the corrupt politicians who have pushed Ghana into the Dumsor mess—for the fact that, she cunningly started using the #DumsorMustStop hashtag specifically created for the Dumsor campaign for self gains, the promotion of her new movie…

Yvonne Nelson's tweet
Yvonne Nelson’s tweet

Chris-Vincent wrote; “As much as I am not a big fan of Yvonne Nelson, I defended such arguments and tagged them as mere speculations. But today, I feel ashamed because Yvonne Nelson is doing exactly what these actresses highlighted and said she would do.

The actress took to twitter a few hours ago to promote her soon to be premiered movie—and had the audacity to use the hash tag #DumsorMustStop in that tweet.

What this means is that, though her movie has nothing to do with the DumsorMustStop campaign, she is stealing or abusing the #DumsorMustStop hash tag for personal gains. It’s this same cunning act, dishonesty and opportunist conduct by our leaders which has fetched us this Dumsor.

Offline, this is the same as being given a State car for a state responsibility and then at night, you turn it into a taxi for your own financial gains.

It’s insulting to all of us who supported the campaign and made the hash tag popular for Yvonne Nelson to turn around and use it in such a dishonest way to promote her movie…”

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65 thoughts on “ECG Disconnects Yvonne Nelson’s Apartment for Not Paying Electricity Bills & Using Illegal Connection?”

  1. Chris, I want to ask you exactly what it is Yvonne has done to you? Redrow not paying does not mean Yvonne isn’t paying. There are many people living in Redrow. why not say the management of redrow? It has become very obvious that you have a deep hate for Yvonne. Unfortunately i cannot blame you. It is easy to hate Yvonne but what will u achieve in the end? Nobody cares about any bad things you say about yvonne anymore because the personal hate is obvious.

    • Here we go with the typical Ghanaian approach; the reason why Ghana is a mess. People cannot even evaluate and critically think.

      If you live in an estate which i not paying light bills, individually, you are somewhat liable…what steps did you take?

      Come on, in the West, if I live in an estate building and the management company is not paying the bills—I am equally liable; I am the consumer and the estate is just my agent. The agency relationship does not exonerate me from liability…

      Do you know why Wesley Snipes and Lauryn Hill went to jail? Becos their agents or management did not pay their taxes; they were not supposed to pay it themselves but the managements and agency—yet they were individually liable and that is why they went to prison.

      But here you are defending Yvonne Nelson on the same grounds…Oh Ghana!

      There is no point having this conversation with someone like you. “He who comes into equity must come with clean hands” is something you’ve never heard about—perhaps.

      • pls we had enough of your West life and your law studies, Mr I know everything I am intellectual I know how to reason. These attacks are so personal is beyond.: luv thy neighbour as your own. What has Yvonne Nelson done nobody has ever done before. It seems now you have toned down on nadia buari…Shm GhanaIan people whiles another blogs are using this medium to promote their celebrities and their countries positively. You sit in your single room thinking you have some sort of power and influence to define someone’s fate. The way you manage this blog says a lot about who you truly are. By the way stop making these unecessary comparisons with the west. We are Ghana and we do things how is supposed to be done and not because the white man or the west does it this way so it is right. You are really deluded. Pls wake up, make this nonsense stop.

        • Yet why didn’t you go to those blogs and came to his? Funny. I guess you are a thief too so you hate that Chris is talking about how you people are using electricity without paying and have the conscience to go on demonstration against the same electricity company.

          I find it sad that someone spends her time reading a deluded person’s blog and even comments. That person must be really stupid or have nothing doing with her life. Opps. I was not talking about you

          • Just sit down and reread what you just wrote and re read his article when the man states at the last sentence “if this is true” this could be just mere speculations. If this is true let them prove it…. SMH Ignorant pple like u are thé ones pulling Ghana backwards.

          • rita stop embarrassing yourself here. to be honest with you i hardly understand what you’re trying to put across. you are so delusional.

        • shut up young woman. if he was here lambasting dumsor i hope you would have been happy. we always want to runaway from the truth. that is why we’re living a country as dummy as some of it’s people

        • i didn’t finish reading your comments before replying it and after reading all that you wrote i think you’re a big fool. your comments are so weak and i’m wondering how you found yourself here in this platform. you know what we’re not joking here. you better go back to P1

          • your come back is weak yourself … Linda is right ! Comparing us to the western world is like climbing a tree to catch a fish.. You’re like what’s good for the goose is good for the gander but you need reality check and get yo’ head from yo’ass…Dimwit!

      • oga, u could have just gone straight to making ur legal point without the “i live in the west” tag. totally unnecessary. Just my thoughts

        • OGA pls stop mis-quoting he said *if i* he was giving a realistic senario not what you are driving at

      • Your argument is factually skewed. The laws are totally different and contractual obligations are a big part of any of incidents you mentioned. Wesley Snipes hired his agents. He is personally liable by law to pay his taxes. If his agent didnt pay as per contract, he can sue his agent. Thats his agents job. If i live in an apartment complex, i have contractually agreed to pay bills to the management and remove myself from any liability. Thats why it is an agent/middleman. The electricity company wont come to me if bills are not paid, they go to whoever is contractually responsible. Bottom line, electricity and taxes are different things. Even in the “west”, taxes are federal and state, utilities are county determined!

        • This is a simple agency relationship and I don’t even know why I have to reply this…

          On what basis will Yvonne Nelson have a relationship with the agency or estate management? Contract…

          She is the consumer of the electricity and therefore liable to pay the bills. If she delegates or accepts to delegate the payment to her Agency and the agency does not pay; who is liable to ECG?

          If she is asked to count usage by ECG to give her a fix bill and she doesn’t include her air conditions in the assessment (lies=fraud), is the Agency responsible for this?

          Here is your problem, if you contract with a management to pay bills you consume to them for them to pay on your behalf to the necessary authorities—and they don’t pay, you are liable for those bills.

          You can sue the agency for not paying even though you have given them the money but to the authorities, you are the person liable because you are the consumer of the energy and their contract is with you not the management. This is common Third party’s are not part of a contract scenario.

          You can delegate contractual responsibilities but you cannot delegate the liabilities…

          Did I even have to explain this?

          And I don’t even understand the mention of the federal and state oversight. It does not matter…

          • chris i suggest sometimes you dont have to waste your time on certain comments. some ghanaians are so stupid sometimes and lack common sense.

        • and what measures has she taken when her power was disconnected. why wouldn’t she make noises if she thinks she has paid. they should go deep into the matter and if she is found guilty they should fine her a huge sums of money to solve the dumsor

    • I think Yvonne should have done her homework well before organising the vigil. It people like her and her estate that have created the dumsor. Infact they use everything electric. Her name is was attched because she came up with the notion dumsor must stop yet they consume electricity free, how can dumsor stop?. The ordinary Ghanaian needs their bulb, tv,iron and probably fridge to enjoy life however those who spearheaded the campaign are the ones who consume electricity on large scale for residential and commercial purpose yet they aint paying and still have the gusts to say dumsor must stop. This so pathetic. The CEO of redrow should be sued.

  2. Oh Yvonne Nelson. You live in a glass house don’t throw stones. You make sure you pay your bills or your estate does else you are shyt. You cannot be demanding from the government when you are not paying the bills. This is a stupid move. You are all part of why Ghana is not going forward

    • Madam, must u always support christopher at all cost? ur stand on issues is really amazing. This is true loyalty. I wait for the day u will see thru ur own lense and not through the eyes of Mr I know everything Chris Vincent.

      • This is what I hate – must akosua express the same opinion as yours by force? Does she attack your views no matter how twisted they may seem. My friend, if you can’t stand the heat then get the fcuk out of this kitchen becos we are all here to express our varied opinions – even Chris has the right to do so!!!!

    • Shut the hell up you dirty lil thing. Who are you to judge her? Aren’t you also a Ghanaian? Why don’t you gain some knowledge and go back to help the country move forward? Instead you are busy s*%cking Peww, thinking you are all that. What evidence do you have that she is doing illegal connection and not paying her bills. People like you are the reason why the world is not a happy place to live. Always chatting rubbish as if you are any better. Come after me too, am ready for you. Pure nonsense

  3. Chris, don’t bother yourself with these Ghanaians, they are all thieves and they will defend acts of thievery. Ghana will never prosper because of things and people like this. All these people on your blogs are stealing from the state like yvonne nelson did.

    So they wont even see it as wrong to steal

    • please get proves before u write some stupid articles … be human for once, when lights go off how many people will get the chance to read this stupid blog of yours .. so with people are showing their displeasure on authorities for not fixing something why do you then active this pull me down syndrome.. who are u to judge someone .. With this u cheap wordpress blog l will be sending some bugs to your system to hack it, so you get off line, if you don’t stop your nonsense

      • You have crossed the line by threatening Chris. I have had enough of this nonsense. I’m going to get one of my boys to trace your ip address. You are a very foolish person. Go ahead and hack the blog. I will find you and hack your dick off.

        Who is Yvonne Nelson? Even the President of Ghana receives a lot of criticism everyday.. Don’t bring yourself kraaaa…

      • you’re a big fool to attack chris. shout your bloodclat mouth. if you mess with me i will make sure you never owns any social media account. i will fuck with you till you stop using the internet.fucking asshole

      • You are a fool!

        With a power crisis in Ghana, I would think they would be more concerned about the effect of this on business, health care and security, rather than reading any blog or website.

        If this blog is stupid then what are you doing here? I guess you are stupid as well?

        If you have taken some time to read his blog properly, you would have realised that GC has been vocal on this power issue even before most Ghanaian took it seriously, so how can you accuse him or GC of pull him down syndrome?

        How does one send bugs to an IT system when rather bugs are manifestation of badly written software code? You see your ignorance and stupidity?

        WordPress is one of the most used content management systems in the world and heavily used by many great websites so why make this silly statement?

        You know nothing about computer systems so please stop talking shit. I doubt you can even use a computer properly 🙂

  4. Waa look so upon all the noise Yvonne is using illegal connection and not paying her bills? Busted. oh Ghana, everyone there seems to be a thief these days

    • Madam shut up oooooo tom. stay in ur Germany or whatever and dont go back to ghana again if u are soo flabbergasted by how things are run there.
      madam supi supi

        • Hypocrite.
          Did you not make that same comment on a different post about that girl. did she also tell you she was in Italy or the UK?

          Like Chris said, Ghanaians like are incapable of using their head.

        • Did you not make this same comment on a different post? why are you asking if she told her she is in Germany?

          did the girl you were trolling on the other blog post tell you she was from Italy or Germany?. Stop preaching one thing and doing another. this is exactly what Chris was talking about.

          I’m guessing you’re next mood will be to call me names?
          before you comment, stop, think, evaluate, critique before you comment. just a word of advise.

  5. The foot soldier strikes again. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, AkosuaGhana, the Sharp tongued foot soldier of this blog. She always huffs and puffs at the slightest mention of gays. Sweetheart, be you! No need to insult everyone who doesn’t agree with things you believe in. Life will be a mad struggle for you if you think you can go through it always defending your choices and actions. Live your life and quit fighting unnecessary battles. If Chris doesn’t respond to a comment its cos he doesn’t see the need to. i am sure you are a decent person in real life. Quit acting like a troll on social media unless Chris pays you a hefty price to be his veranda girl (which I am very sure he doesn’t)
    PS: for once, surprise me and don’t respond with an insult. I may be building castles in The air with this plea but you dier try small bi p3

    • lol u’r too funny… Well they are friends so maybe helping him. You got me laughing so hard but i think akosua hates it when one disagree or insult her friend. Thats how friends are for. She got his back for whatever comments. Am sure she will make changes the next time.

    • i think @akosuaghana:disqus is @ChrisVincent21:disqus… if not then she’s a low life troll trying to vent her frustration on social medias … i don’t have problems with sexual orientation and i’m not a sexist but i think she’s a lesbian if not bi lol.. no gives a crap about that, if she thinks God created Adam and Steve so be it .. or she’s also like @chris-atheist

  6. First of all ECG is not serious. I work with foreign investors looking at the power sector in GH and ECG is the problem. ECG is not bankable period! Cos they can’t mobilise revenue cos of mismanagement and corruption among several others. thats why we don’t have Independent Power Plants cos we don’t have a bankable off taker. That is the problem the new millennium challenge hopes to solve.and open up the sector for private investors. By the way I have an experience: I had a meter fixed in my house and two months later I realised the metre was not reading so I went to report it. Guess how long it took for it to be.fixed? I use to go to Ecg every week until it was fixed more than 3 mths later. Can u imagine the hours I’ve lost? When I finally decided to ask for the bill to pay the outstanding bill some one at ecg was trying to get me to pay just 50% so I can give him money for his pocket. Corruption! corruption! What is preventing ecg from installing metres in a gated community? Its about time these institutions have revenue targets.

    But GC u have already informed us about why you hate Yvonne. So don’t get all emotional when people don’t see the substance of your story anytime she ia involved.

  7. #DumsorMustStop.

    #Illegal Connections Too Must also Stop!!!!

    Hypocrites. First remove the log in your eye then you can see well enough to remove the speck in your brother’s eye!!!! Pay your GRA taxes, pay your utility bills. You are cutting corners but have the audacity to insult others? #shameless opportunist #attention seeker #dramaqueen #false pretender #dangerous woman – no wonder plenty men hit your waist and run plus your female friends also run from you in record breaking time. One girl, why?

    Check yourself ooo, your character stinks.

    • She lives in an apartment complex. She did not build the apartment and neither did she set up the electrical connections. Let’s be honest here…how many people actually find out from their apartment management whether or not they have legal or illegal electricity connections? It’s obvious government officials are pissed off and of course they have the help of some western bloggers to spew unsubstantiated nonsense. This story would have knocked my socks off if it showed that Yvonne contracted folks to set up the illegal connections….in this case she didn’t and she is not the only tenant in the complex….

  8. Too many fools on this blog supporting a witch hunt and blaming the girl for something she probably didn’t know about. If she knew about it and wasn’t paying her bills or was directly stealing then by all means blame her.

    Put yourselves in her shoes. You think you’re paying all your bills and then one day you find out your landlord is stealing electricity and because you’re the celebrity everyone blames you. Does that sound fair? Fools.

    This is the real reason Ghana doesn’t move forward. Instead of going after the real culprit (the landlord), some of you are going after someone who is paying their bill as far as they know. We will never fix anything if we don’t go after the people in charge who are actually doing the stealing.

  9. the main issues still remains that if Yvonne Nelson didnt put herself on the line to confrront issues affect millions of Ghanaian the same people with complain that celebrities dont care they just collect money, menawhile why is it now that ECG now noticed that shes using electricity illegally which I dont beleive. dont get bamboozled, the main issue still remains bring out light back #dumsormuststopgh

  10. Some of these comments are really shameful.
    It seems like some people are incapable of putting their points across without condescending so low as to call people names.
    There is no reason for any of you to be calling each other names.
    Chris posted his views and opinions. he is entitled to them. this is his blog.
    If you have comments or do not agree just post them in a polite manner.
    these comments and name calling will not solve anything.
    there are serious things going on in Ghana that need to be addressed.
    You’re are all focusing your attention and anger on the wrong thing. instead of going after Chris why don’t you all use that energy to find solution to Ghana’s current situation.

    I agree with what he says. It seems impossible to have a simple conversation with some Ghanaians without them throwing insults. I’m not sure if it is insecurity or something but it is very embarrassing. and in all honesty it explains why the current its in its current state.

    those in power are not held accountable for their actions and those below choose to insult each other rather than evaluate situation leaving rooms for all these corrupt officials to steal and make a mess of the country. The other day I made a very valid point bu as usual those who choose not to read what I said or evaluate decided to throw insults at me and call me names. it went as far comments with regards to how I look.

    it is very embarrassing. I’m not sure if it is the Ghana education system but Ghanaians really need to fix up. this behavior will not reap any benefits in the long or short term.

  11. Umm Chris tags Yvonne as a dishonest corrupt celebrity for using the #Dumsormuststop hashstag in a tweet which was promoting her soon-to-be premiered movie but see the mischief of this article’s title? The title although not untrue is totally misleading. And to think, this article was INITIALLY written on speculations only serves to prove that u are no different from Yvonne… U see the title was deliberately misleading in order to attract more clicks which translates into more money for your pockets. U are intentionally playing on her estate’s situation and her popularity to rake in more kudi. Again, no matter how u try to justify it to yourself and others, YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT. That is what you do for a living so get off your high horse. You have no moral locus to chastise her!

  12. Hehehe.!! U ain’t smart one bit, juz like I thought u was.!! If u read well u wud know I was teasing.!! Do I’ve to explain this so u understand.?? U B SLOW RUFF.!!

  13. ???.!! Crap(nana) unlike u, I sometimes disagree on Chris’s analogies.!! I don’t kiss ass juz so u know and I don’t eat $hit like u do… So before u comment, take ur time and understand.!! “A word of advice”

  14. U say Ghanaians like u some kinda Sudanese.!! U wan fly ehh.?? Kissin’ Chris’s ass doesn’t get u a visa… Go to the damn embassy…


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