Who’s Lying? Security Guard At the Red Row Estate Confirms the Entire Estate Has Been Disconnected But Management Says Only 12 of Their Houses Had the Illegal Connection

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

GhanaCelebrities.Com broke the news that Red Row Estate where Ghanaian actress-Yvonne Nelson recently took a mortgage and currently lives has had its electricity disconnected by ECG for illegal connection—and non payment of bills.

Apparently, Yvonne Nelson’s own apartment was well fixed within the problem—and the source who tipped this information to us added that Yvonne Nelson bypassed air conditions which take more power and therefore charges, just to be paying her bulbs all this long….

Following this, one of GhanaCelebrities.Com’s journalists visited the estate to find out more about the report and unfortunately, he was arrested for no reason (CLICK HERE FOR MORE on your Journalist arrest and release).

However, before his arrest, the Security guard at the estate he spoke to confirmed the total estate disconnection—adding that, ECG disconnected the estate 3 days ago and all the houses in the estate have no meters.

Interestingly, the management of Red Row estate has also issued a well calculated press release, saying, it’s true that ECG has disconnected electricity at the estate but it’s for only 12 houses—which excludes Yvonne Nelson’s property.

The press statement is interesting because of the fact that, the estate management plays down the illegal connection—sort of saying, it’s only 12 of our houses so no big deal. Even that, we’ve been told it’s the entire estate including Yvonne Nelson’s property—a situation the Security Guard confirmed to our journalist.

Anyway, this is Ghana we are talking about so if you think the Estate company will tell the whole truth—then you are free to believe what they’ve stated in the statement as opposed to our initial report, the Security Guard’s confirmation and even the arrest and intimidation of our journalist who just wanted to second-confirm the situation.

Take special note of point 3 and 4 in the below press release and try to make sense out of it in conjunction with the photo below…

Red Row Statement
Red Row Statement


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5 thoughts on “Who’s Lying? Security Guard At the Red Row Estate Confirms the Entire Estate Has Been Disconnected But Management Says Only 12 of Their Houses Had the Illegal Connection”

  1. So we are to disregard what the management says and accept as absolute truth what GC claims the security man says. OK, why not after all Chris-Vincent can never go wrong.

  2. Please if GC was a professional blog u would have spoken to ECG. Cos that’s an independent source. Mr know all. Big shame on you. Always fabricating stories about people.

  3. So we should believe what a supposed security guard says instead of the management?Really?Why not evidence from ECG?That is if u’re not even making it up.This hatred for this beautiful young lady is making u lose yr mind gradually.

    • Well once its about Yvonne, you know GC wont wait a flipping seconds to investigate with ECG or the police. I don’t know what Yvonne has done to deserve all this hatred, but I believe it is preparing her to be tougher and stronger for the great things ahead of her. She is a big star, they see it, but can’t deal with it.


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