READERS’ MAIL: The Hypocrisy & Thievery Nature of Ghanaians | The CEO of Red Row Estate Joined Yvonne Nelson for Dumsor Vigil When His Estate Runs On ECG Illegal Connections…

Christoper Aryeetey-CEO RedRow
Christoper Aryeetey-CEO RedRow

Dear Chris-Vincent,

I would like to first congratulate you for the recent publication which brought to light that Red Row Estates where Yvonne Nelson lives in Accra have had its electricity disconnected for operating illegal connections.

I have read the statement issued by the CEO of Red Row Estate-Christopher Aryeetey and I am sad that he is walking around as a free man when your journalist who went on duty in search for further information was rather arrested.

You are one hell of a frank young man and I admire not just your work (blog) but your conscience and personality.

Let me now tackle the issues; in the statement signed by the CEO of Red Row Estate-Christopher Aryeetey which I do not believe is the whole truth considering his involvement in the matter (illegal connections) and also because access to further information by your blog led to a police arrest, the CEO states that 12 of his houses were operating illegal connections. This is criminal.

He goes on to try to redeem himself by saying they sub-contracted the electrification project to another company who rather put in place the illegal connections. So what? First of all, what is the name of this sub-contracting company? Secondly, if you sub-contract a job to someone or another company, you are still liable for the actions of this company—if for nothing at all, for not checking that the right thing was done.

The reason why I am writing this email to you is that, I hope by now you have spotted the hypocrisy of the CEO of Red Row Estate-Christopher Aryeetey from the above photo. He joined Yvonne Nelson’s in the Dumsor vigil and shared her campaign all over—yet he is operating illegal connections at his estate where Yvonne Nelson also lives.

Assuming without accepting it as the whole truth, even if 12 houses from Row Estate are the only ones operating illegal connections and do not pay bills to ECG, where will ECG get money to buy electricity for us as Ghanaians? It’s this sort of thievery in this country by many Ghanaians especial those who run big businesses and estates that has led to ECG being in huge debt—another reason why we have Dumsor.

And yet, this same Red Row Estate’s CEO-Christopher Aryeetey had the impetus of a dying cockroach to go and protest against the government and ECG for Dumsor when he is part of the problem? In fact, when his estate has been stealing electricity supply for all this long?

Why should ECG just ask them to pay penalties or fines? He should be arrested straight up and it shouldn’t be your journalist who was rather arrested for wanting to find out the whole truth.

Ghana is pathetic and if I can, I would have relocated. Let me borrow your phrase in another way, our hypocrisy is legendary. SMDH.

So you are stealing electricity, you don’t want to pay for it and you expect ECG to just give it to you for free? Such actions is what has affected all of us including those of us paying our bills without any illegal connections.

From Esther Amankwaa Yeboah/Accra

Editors Note: This was a pretty a long e-mail and as such, 3 or 4 paragraphs which I felt repeated already discussed issues have been removed.

Red Row Statement
Red Row Statement


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