Rick Ross Says 50 Cent is A LOSER…

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Rick Ross
Rick Ross

Rick Ross has descended on 50 Cent, calling him a LOSER and saying, the reason why 50 is suing him is to cover up the fact that he’s just not as famous as he used to be.

Recently, 50 Cent was sued by Rick Ross’ baby mama Lastonia Leviston for her sekz tape which was posted online–claiming she was so distraught after 50 posted the video and she contemplated suicide.

After the lawsuit, 50 came out to say it was Ross who actually created the problem because he or one of his lackeys was first to post the video and he just linked to it.

However, Leviston claimed in her lawsuit the guy in her sekz tape gave the video to 50 — who was more than eager to blast it out because it would embarrass his rival, Rick Ross.

With a lawsuit on the neck of 50 Cent, he has also sued Rick Ross in an attempt to recover from him if his butt gets nailed. Now, Rick through his lawyer, Xavier Donaldson told TMZ that, — 50’s only gunning for him in “another attempt to draw attention to his descending entertainment career and one of several desperate, last minute attempts he’s made to avoid and deflect legal and financial responsibility for his own actions.”

Can’t those grown up stop posting tapes of women online?

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