VIDEO: Thick Madamme On Trending Issues | The Backlash I Got For Revealing On Instagram That My Beautiful Shoes Cost Only £8…

Desire-Thick Madamme
Desire-Thick Madamme

For some reason, social media has become a place for people to show off—literally live the life they cannot afford or only dream of. Many young women and men on social media are liars, posting photos and videos of fabricated lies.

Many post fakies as real and to be frank that is their cup of tea. However, the attacks and push by majority of social media users to have everyone become a liar or live beyond their means is annoying.

On Trending Issues, Thick Madamme in the below video shares how shocking it was for her that a photo she recently shared of her pairs of shoes attracted huge backlash on instagram—because she bought the shoes for £8.

It’s this high level nonsense, the needed to spend so much on basic things when you can actually get a bargain on that has pushed so many young women and men into unworthy enterprises.

The social media pressure is crazy but Thick Madamme says, she wouldn’t allow it to dictate the direction of her life. And that, she shops from Charity Shops—including buying £1 dresses.

Thick Madamme in the video notes that, people were bashing her for wearing and disclosing that her shoes cost only £8 (cheap) but if she has posted that those shoes cost £8000, people would have saluted her—irrespective of it being true or how she even got the money to purchase that…

Watch the video below and tell us what you think…



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