Akosua Abebrese Writes: The New Revolution of Sucking Old Crooked & Ugly D*cks By Women in Return for Designer Brands

Hajia 4 Real | This photo is just used as an image for publication. It does not have any connection with the published content
Hajia 4 Real | This photo is just used as an image for publication. It does not have any connection with the published content

Human beings will do anything for survival; it’s part of our DNA and in fact the reason why we’ve been able to live for many years. Our survival instinct is so high that we will kill to live—and I don’t have a problem with this.

If a hungry dying woman will have to suck the d*ck of an old ugly fat man so that he will hand over a piece of bread for her survival, I will salute this woman and even if I can, I will help by s*cking those stinking balls.

That is a necessity; we must live and travelling every mile regardless of conscience to be able to cater for your basic or survive should never be panned. That is, when the only way to survival depends on this act. I am talking about the absence of any other alternative.

Unless you have been kidnapped by Boko Haram where one of them may asked you to play with his suicide balls before you get a small portion of food, you are unlikely to ever find yourself in this situation.

Yet, a lot of women especially young Ghanaian women have started a revolution of s*cking the d*cks of old ugly fat married bastards each night so that they can buy their designer Louis Vuitton bags or travel first class.

My grandmother never saw an aeroplane, let alone to travel in first class and yet she lived to 107. How then does travelling first class or owning a red sole shoes-Louboutines become a survival mechanism—a necessity to many women across the globe to the extent that, they are ready to lick the balls of even a chimpanzee for that champagne to be popped for them?

I recently watched a video on Facebook which talked about this same issue and the fact that the video originated from America tells me that; it’s just not an African stupidity, but a global mania—caused by a new group of young women who want what they do not want to work for or do not really need in life.

If a gun is put to my head and the person behind the trigger is genuinely sincere that if I s*ck his shyt he will not blow my head, I will do it for my survival. And when I get home, I can mount a big stage to proudly tell the whole world how I managed to survive—the whole truth and nothing else.

Now are these women proud of what they are doing to openly discuss it? Hell No…

They may post dozens of photos on instagram and facebook every 5 minutes, showing off their expensive lifestyle and designer wears but interestingly, they never show the men who have made all these things possible. Even around lunch/dinner tables, they cut off the other person from the photos—what for? You know the answer.

It’s unfortunate and pathetic that our generation cannot boast of any other revolution than that which entails a generation of desperate d*ck suckers—who offer this service in exchange for shallow or material things.

Today, many young beautiful Ghanaian women will never date anyone within their age group—you will catch them riding in air-condition cars of fat old ugly men that a monkey will even struggle to play with. Remember, a monkey has no use for money so these men won’t even be looked at in the face by them.

“With money, you can get every Ghanaian woman you want”—a male friend once told me. He may be wrong with this assertion owning to the hasty generalisation but he is not totally wrong, consideration the cash for p*ssy business and the sort of lifestyle our Ghanaian sisters are living.

The downside of this goes beyond a rotten society where men think can buy every woman, it creates a misconception for these men that every woman is as cheap as the former—and it actually makes women who work hard to genuinely acquire their wealth under appreciated. In fact, they are all mostly boxed into that big box of d*ck sucking corporate wh*res.

On the face of it, these wh*res seem to be winning—especially on social media platforms like instagram and facebook where they get to flaunt their fully financed lifestyle.  Some have become role models for many young woman, passing on the cancer to the next generation.

Hard work does not pay anymore, so it seems—get your head down there to those hairy smelling balls of that fat bastard who has not seen his d*ck in a century because of his big belly and you will be driving in a Porsche the next day. What a good way to become what you want and of course your family will be so proud of you.

With the large participation and society’s subtle approval, the new revolution of s*cking old crooked d*cks in return for Gucci bags and the other designer stuffs have come to stay—and my deep fear sits at the bottom of chain; what are we really teaching those behind us?

What’s the point in seeking education or waking up each morning to go to work when the instagram Boss Chicks can hardly spell their names—and yet sleep of Yachts and wake up after mid day?

Perhaps, I am just a jealous b*tch…

Whatever it is, I deeply feel there is something inherently wrong with this. If a woman has go on her knees to s*ck some balls backed by no respect just to be able to wear that $5000 Pucci dress, then she is indeed a p*ssy…

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