Mzbel Said the Story Of Jesus Is False, Now King Of Ghana Satire-KSM Says: ‘Jesus Did Not Preach Religion, So I Don’t Go To Church’

Kwaku Sintim-Misa
Kwaku Sintim-Misa tweeted the above some months ago

Kwaku Sintim-Misah popularly known as KSM, has shared his religious views as well as explained why he does not go to church.

Though his late biological father was once the moderator of the Presbyterian church of Ghana, KSM has opined that he does not go to church. “I don’t go to church. I don’t have any particular church that I can say I attend Mamprobi Methodist or Adenta Presby or anything like that.

Asked why he does not attend church, he said “I’m more spiritual. I believe in spirituality. Look, I don’t attend church and I say and will say this anytime anywhere! I have no shame in saying this at all!” KSM said on ‘Hanging Out With KOD’ when he appeared on the show as a guest personality.

He further explained that Jesus Christ, around whom Christianity revolves, did not come into this world to preach religion. “Jesus Christ did not preach religion. He did not! He preached spirituality – which is a way we must live in our everyday life.”

According to KSM, he shunned being religious through the influence of his senior sister Joyce Anima-Misah whom according to the former, is very particular about spirituality to religion and religious sects. “I actually became more spiritual through the influence of my sister Anima-Misah. She is very spiritual so she influenced me.”

KSM however, said he feels proud that he is the son of a man who was once the moderator of the whole Ghana Presbyterian mission. “Though I drifted from my father’s religious path, I must say I am very proud to say my father was once the moderator of the whole Presby church.”

He also educated the public that, his father was the man who introduced the playing of musical instruments in the Presby mission – something which was abhorred by the church based on its doctrine. “My father was the one who introduced the playing of musical instruments into the Presbyterian Church! It was forbidden then!

“Those days, they go to church and they don’t play any instruments in the church. They only sing and clap. It was my father who challenged that! I must say my father was a bit radical! I have a little of his radicalism in me though (Laughed) – which is why I’m able to walk my own path in life.”

Not long ago, Mzbel was on ‘Restoration with Stacy’, where she made the declaration that left the host flabbergasted. According to her, she does not believe in the man mooted to be the founder of Christianity, as according to her research, he might have been made up.

In response to ‘do you believe in Jesus Christ?’ she responded… “I don’t want to offend anybody. I used to believe in it but I did my own research and I think it was made up. I might be wrong. The same story 5,000 years ago happened in Egypt”

She’s referring to the story of Horus, the ancient Egyptian god whose story bears uncanny parallels to the Jesus story. And if Jesus’ story is circa 2,000 years old, he must have been made up, modeled on the Horus story.

“Horus mother was a virgin, before Horus was born an angel came and (spoke) to Horus’ mother. He did miracles at the age of 12, he had disciples.” In answer to the question that the Old Testament, which she believes in, prophesied Jesus’ coming; she agreed there was a prophecy about a messiah- but how do you know Jesus Christ is that messiah?



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  1. And how does it concern us?? this is their own cup of tea each one of us is responsible of his own soul whatever will happen to you after your death is nobody business i don’t blame people for running after paradise,nothing to lose and so much to gain,what will mzbel do when she die and discovers Jesus is real??? some people needs to wise up

  2. Who is KSM Outside Ghana? Who’s Miss Jezebel? nonentities in Ghana known as celebrities? Their believes doesn’t affect our faith one bit.. they are free to go to hell