Osi Umenyiora Who Married Miss Universe Leila Lopes A Few Days Ago ‘EXPOSED’ By SideChick? | You Can’t Believe The Text Messages…

Miss Universe-Leila Lopes and husband
Miss Universe-Leila Lopes and husband-Osi Umenyiora

The sidechicks are always going to be a problem—especially when you decide to finally commit to the main chick with a baby or marriage.

Keeping a sidechick is a war the man will never win, yet many men somehow love to dig their heads in there—eventually, the sidechick shows her true colour, the reason why she is a sidechick in the first place.

NY Giants football star-Osi Umenyiora married former Miss Universe Leila Lopes recently—had a stunning wedding and the couple are still on their honeymoon.

It was a big wedding with multiple ceremonies which made headline news…

This must have pissed the sidechick off, or Osi did not discuss it well with the sidechick. Whatever it is, the sidechick has created an instagram account and posted some text messages from the footballer—we mean, some damaging text messages (if there are true, Leila Lopes will be pissed or looking to leave)

Actually, like most mad sidechicks, she thought she would finally become the main…

Sidechick means drama and yet some men don’t know!

Now, get some popcorn and flip through the messages below…



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5 thoughts on “Osi Umenyiora Who Married Miss Universe Leila Lopes A Few Days Ago ‘EXPOSED’ By SideChick? | You Can’t Believe The Text Messages…”

  1. How old is this story… osi left new York for the Atlanta falcons over a year ago and am sure that wedding was also a year ago before he dropped all the weight … awkward

  2. Oh dear Lord, my worst nightmare. Please protect mine from “dem” side chick ooo na yabr3 wom. Why did she wait till now to do this? I pray that Leila will forgive the husband and work things out cos I hate the rate divorce is hovering around like its some kind of fashion. hmmm

  3. How do some men carry 2,3,4 side chicks all at the same time. If you find a main chick, then decongest the side chicks fast, before you attempt marriage. Its better to lead the main chick on for a few months while you decongest the side chicks than to marry when you know side chicks are lurking around. Men pls stop playing games with women. When a woman’s heart turn against you, it would be better to be best friends with satan. She will completely finish you and she will do it at all cost.


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