CHRIS-VINCENT: The Dangers of Being A Ghanaian Atheist | You Suddenly Become the Anti-Christ

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When you ask me on a good day, I will describe myself as an atheist and on a bad day, I will simply opt for ‘I am agnostic’. No matter which of these two positions I take, I am and perhaps will never be accepted, appreciated and be regarded the same within a Ghanaian setting…

A few months ago, my own mother called with cries, and it’s not that she had come across one of my many articles with which I boldly talk about the God delusion. But it’s because a friend of hers had inform her I had written a piece stating that, gays have rights too—and that there is nothing wrong with homosexuals.

I cannot point to the article which caused this emotional chaos—and it’s not because I don’t remember saying this, but it’s because I have written so many articles advocating for gays’ rights that I don’t know which particular one pulled the trigger, writes Chris-Vincent on BrutallyUncensored.Com.

My mother is in her mid 50 and I was no ready to have a long phone conversation with such a woman about human rights, gays’ rights and stretch it to cover God. I simply pulled the plug; and so what?

I added “Yes, I wrote that and I believe in that so if that changes my position as your son—let me know and I wouldn’t bother to call you again and you shouldn’t bother to call me again. Because, I am not about to start hating on gays because of your ill-informed worldview, caused by your own personal experience, religion, geography and education…”

Since then, my mother has not brought up that conversation and we’ve remained fine—perhaps, she doesn’t want to loose a son over what she regards as a worldview.

This is just me advocating for ‘gays rights’—something we don’t even have to discuss, it should be inherent and bolded in our conscience.

Therefore, can you imagine going beyond this and taking a position such as “it’s highly probably there is no God or I sit on the fence when it comes to whether there is a God or not” in a society like Ghana, where people attribute everything to God. It wouldn’t be regarded as being insensitive to their religious views, rather, an assault on their persons and total existence.

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