Perhaps We Are Plain Stupid As Ghanaians | ‘Pray For Accra’ Social Media Campaign Starts

Pray for Accra
Pray for Accra

This is why I say we can’t think beyond our noses as Ghanaians. On 12 May 2015, in HD quality, GhanaCelebrities.Com published over 30 photos showing how CHOKED the gutters in Accra are—and asked that something should be done about it— what did any ordinary Ghanaian or leader do about it?

Nothing, the heaping continued…

This is a link to that article, just look at the gutters in Accra and tell me if these things can serve as gutters;

And then it rains a little heavily, the gutters over flow and over 200 people die as a result of the flood which also caused the filling station fire…

At this stage, you would think we will learn something—and instead several Ghanaians having taken to social media to start a campaign called; “Pray for Ghana” with various Ghanaian Celebrities sharing it…

I don’t want to attack prayers this time because it doesn’t make sense to ask that we pray to an all knowing God who knew of the flood and fire many years ahead and did not—just decided to sit and watch while drinking a beer.

Now, you are praying to Him to do what? To come down and clean or build gutters for you?

Do we think at all?

Maybe I should start a church because less than a month ago, my website looked at the gutter issue and warned. It’s just common sense…

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4 thoughts on “Perhaps We Are Plain Stupid As Ghanaians | ‘Pray For Accra’ Social Media Campaign Starts”

  1. Chris, I was just thinking about this earlier today.
    I mean I cant believe Ghanians sometimes.
    i saw the pictures you posted and the environment most live in.
    the fact that no one even bothers to clean the environment they live in even baffles me. I dont even know who they are all waiting for to clean those gutters.

    it is very sad that so many people have lost their lives over something that could have been avoided.
    I am a christian, I believe in God but I also believe that faith without action is dead.
    I was tweeting about this earlier today. Ghanians seem to think the answer to everything is prayer. No one wants to actually do anything.
    every year Accra gets flooded for the same reasons, every year people lose their lives, everyone makes noise for a few days, and then soon its forgotten till next year.

    I guarantee you Mahama will make promises, Ghanaians will continue waiting on God to come down from heaven to clean their gutters for them and this same incident will happen again next year.

    The only thing standing in the way of progress in that country is common sense and it doesn’t seem to be very common.

  2. I know we are in morning..but it doesn’t change the need to take action to relieve those affected, and will be affected as the rains continue until the end of July.

    Prayer is not necessary , useful or relevant to dealing with this situation. If prayer had any effect, then Ghanians wouldn’t have any problems, but our situation is the complete opposite.

    Action is all that matters.

  3. The government should hire real people for sanitation…just like in Europe…and we as citizens should stop dumping waste at inappropriate places….we are too f**king dirty…the funniest thing is we wouldn’t even throw shit out in Europe but in our own country we will….animguase3 akwaba

  4. Chris u are pathetic,what did you also do to solve the problem?God is not one sitting there doing nothing but he does not always act for the right reasons.And if you have a little more sense too,what wrong did he do when we choked our own gutters or built on the waterways?silly!!You claim you ‘all knowing’ but at times your reasoning is very vague.Something even beyond my 3year old.


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