President Mahama Promises Drastic Measures To Prevent Future Floods…Oh Yeah!

President Mahama_opt
President Mahama

We are in a very serious period and dealing with serious, life and death issues; but frankly I have to laugh at this clueless man.

We all predicted this, and lo and behold there they come to come and tell us stories. I find it amusing that they think we buy the rhetoric and manufactured concern. The John Mahama I saw on the television looked very much like a man in mourning; but that can only be described as genuine if anyone in his government had made any effort to fight what at this point has been established beyond reason as a yearly occurrence.

Instead nobody did or said anything, is it not strange that the meteorological service could not even give a warning about impending heavy rains? So we’re a failure on all levels, which some empty words which would come to be repeated again next year would do nothing to change.

Anyway, these are excerpts of what the President said.

“We have to take some measures to avoid this in the future. Often when these measures are drastic, you have a lot of sympathy and pressure not to take these measures. But I think the time has come for us to move houses out of the waterways. The public should understand that it is necessary to take such measures to save everybody else.

“This loss of life is catastrophic, almost unprecedented. A lot of people have lost their lives. I am at a loss of words to express how I feel. Many of them through the floods, and many still through the fire incident as a result of the explosion that took place.

“Yesterday, the emergency services, including the military, police and the fire service were all called out to come and help. They managed to rescue a large number of people but unfortunately a large number of people lost their lives.

“I want to take the opportunity to commend the security services for their diligence. I express my condolences to the several who have lost relatives and the victims of the flood. We will do the clean up and bring back to as normal as possible.”

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