VIDEO: 34-Year-Old Ghanaian Blinded By Accra’s Goil Fire/Flood Accident Speaks | Disappointed With Peace Fm Though!

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Blind man

The below is heartbreaking…

A young man tells a story of how he escaped death yesterday during the Accra Goil-flood-blast only to find out that he has lost his sight—he has gone blind. It is not known if he is suffering from temporal or permanent blindness as a result of what happened.

Even though I commend Peace Fm for granting this young man audience and allowing him to use their airwaves to appeal for help, I think they should have rushed him to the hospital, immediately he came to their offices.

And later, they could have interviewed him or make the appeal for help on his behalf or from his hospital bed. It seems a little out of place for whatever reason to sit this man down for an interview.

I don’t want to say the station is desperate for ratings since it is already the most listened to radio station in the capital. But it’s inhumane to do this…

Watch the video below…




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  1. that exactly what I was thinking when I read the headline,they should have taken him to the hospital before bring him on air