Moses Asaga Says Even Houston Gets Flooded | That is His Reaction to the Accra Flood

Accra Flood-Aftermath
Accra Flood-Aftermath

It’s this low level comparison that has stagnated our progress—coupled with the deceit that we are moving forward when indeed we are back-trekking.

Houston in the United States gets flooded, even Japan will get flooded if there is an earthquake followed by heavy rains. But these things will be classified as natural disasters—unexpected, and there would have been no reasonable way they could have been avoided.

However, what happened in Accra which has caused the death of over 200 innocent Ghanaians is nothing compared to the above—yearly, we get flooded and we don’t do anything about it.

In 1988, Accra flooded; it made headlines just as what happened this week is still making headlines. If Accra was flooding in 1988 and still flooding today, killing people throughout the years—and yet we’ve fail to do end it—how is that on the same pedestal as Houston flooding?

You must be drinking some dirty kool-aid mixed with sawdust to be making this sort of comparison.

Moses Asaga who is part of the incumbent government and the Chief Executive Officer of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) had the below silly comment to throw out, in reaction to the Accra flood.

“Having floods does not mean backwardness. Last year, I was in Houston and it was raining. I was really shocked…with all their very beautiful roads. As my taxi was moving, the road was flooded,” he said.

How do you compare such low level flood to what we experience each year in Accra?

He continued, “having floods does not necessarily mean backwardness” and that  “in the US, every time we hear about floods, does not mean that those states that get those floods which are disasters are backward.”

Is this the attitude we are going to use to battle the flood problem?

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1 thought on “Moses Asaga Says Even Houston Gets Flooded | That is His Reaction to the Accra Flood”

  1. I swear Chris will be talking so much shit but yet he does not do anything. The reason why Ghana is backwards is because of people like you. The negativity is is so disgusting that the country does not move forward.Why can you Chris not make the change either you do something about it or you keep your mouth shut. You guys are not about that live.You all live outside of Ghana and yet you bash the country as if it is the worst country on earth. Ghana is not perfect and there is a lot to improve but UK to is also not perfect look at the hostel houses you live in, look at the articals that Dailymail keeps posting about flood in some parts of UK and that is not even a natural disaster. Who the hell do you think you are. You are a very ignorant fool that pretends to be a law graduate a very fake person. That is what you are and i bet you the woman or man (judging by how you push the gay agenda) that will be with you will stab you 10.000 times more in the back


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