VIDEO: Thick Madamme On Trending Issues | How Do You Know When You’ve Met the RIGHT Person? + I Want to Have Babies Before Marriage But My Family Thinks Otherwise…

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Thick Madamme
Thick Madamme

Thick Madamme is back with Trending Issues—and this time, she does not only reveal her obsession with watches but also discloses that, she is one of those women who want to have children before marriage.  And she gives good reasons for this…

According to her, it’s very selfish to want to have babies after marriage, career and all other important things—when in fact it’s babies that completes you as woman and not marriage.

Thick Madamme in this interesting video talks about the fact the above position of hers sits far apart from her family wants and desires, but she is not about to let their headache becomes hers.

She mentions that she believes she is a gold digger—this is when she tried to explain how a woman will know when she has met the right person.

For Thick Madamme, love lasts for about 3 years and claims it’s scientific. Therefore, she says love is not enough when you are considering the question; have you met that right person?

For her, you need to consider important elements like respect, care and others when you are thinking about lasting relationships and not just love because those are the things that will see you through when the love expires…

You know what, just watch the video below…




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