‘New Guy’ By Sarkodie Feat. Ace Hood Finally Drops + What We Think About It! (LISTEN)

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Rapper Sarkodie
Rapper Sarkodie

One of the things that recently gained media attention was the collaboration between Ghana’s finest rapper, Sarkodie and American rapper, Acehood.

At long last, the track by these two is out so at least our ears can take a short break from the hype.

Titled ‘New Guy‘, the track is not by anyway extraordinary from the many Hip hop songs we’ve been listening to. To be honest, it does not catch up with the degree of hype it received, knowing what Sarkodie is capable of doing.

For some reason, Sarkodie mentioned T.B Joshua and his Synagogue in there—as though that is his spiritual father. Sarkodie’s flow was ordinary and we think the beat did not probably help him as Ace Hood out-shined him if you listen to the two…

The second come for Sarkodie was more of throwing praises to Ace-Hood as he talked about how much his people loved him and how he has signed his name in Kumasi.

Poorly, Ace Hood could not even get the pronunciation of Sarkodie’s name right; he went for the foreign ‘Sarkodi’.

Editor’s Message;

Sarkodie’s New Guy is being sold by Tigo Deezer so they are giving away 30 seconds to listen for free–yet a quick Google takes you to many websites which have uploaded the entire song for free listen and download.

This reminds me of a recent Sam Harris’ podcast on which he talked about the need for us to find new ways to monetize our products online as the the existing mechanisms are not working…

Someone will buy a song or movie (first buyer) and he will somehow decide that he’s the best judge of either the song or movie should be offered for free.

And mostly, the person comes to a weird conclusion that it should be offered for free so he or she uploads it for free online when the actually owner thinks otherwise.

-Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

Anyway, you can listen to the song below if you have some free time to spare…

New Guy-Sarkodie Feat. Ace Hood
New Guy-Sarkodie Feat. Ace Hood

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    1. GC said what they think so you can agree or disagree why is that negative? Should they think like you?

      My thing is pink

      1. I also said what I think about their post. In my disagreement with their post I describe it as negative & vibe killing.
        Should I also think like them?

      1. Why do you also always confuse Subjectivity with Objectivity.
        Once you are able to differentiate between the two you’ll get my drift.

  1. I think this will pave some way for Sark on the US market, he held his own on this track except some one or two lines which didn’t go well but I think He’s gonna make more than the 25K he paid, good investment if you ask me. Am not a fan of Sark but I like the track

  2. I will like editor to tell me in which part of the song that Ace hood said “sarkodi” , I have listened to the song like 20 times now and didnt hear that all he said was “Sark”..Pathetic comment , its like the editor didnt even listen before commenting.Shame on you editor for your shady work …

    1. Are you sure you listened to the full song? You are the one who did not listen but you are just saying shame on the editor for shady work. Ghanaians and their mouth lol. The editor is right

    2. He said Sarkodie.. but that dont mean sh*t. Its rap music. Penning lyrics, the rapper has the freedom to mention words the way he wants to as long as the listening party is gonna catch it. And even to make it rhyme

  3. Your review is not profound at all. Well, you just displayed your level of musical ignorance. I’m sure you typed this after the first listen.

    Generally the track is dope.. and yes it is extraordinary. When was the last time a mainstream hip hop artist used adlibs for a hook? Sarkodie’s first verse was nothing but flamesss.. The beat is unique!

    Sarkodie was on point with his flow.. just that he went a bit off-concept. Ace Hood’s flow & energy were kinda down.. but his lyrics were on point. Generally he killed it. Good music by all standards! Listen well, dont skim through it

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