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CHRIS-VINCENT: How Come These Internet Fraudsters Are So STUPID? | How My Email Won 800 Thousand Dollars in An America Lottery

Soon, a second email came through—I was expecting that.  The email started that before the cheque can be put into the post, I have to pay 3,000 dollars administrative fee for the processing —this was compulsory and the lottery scheme demands that it’s paid before the cheque is cleared. Kennedy provided a link for me to CLICK, where I would have entered my credit/debit card details for the deduction to be made.

Is this not interesting and at the same time stupid? I have out of the blue won 800,000 dollars but to get access to this money, I have to pay 3,000 dollars first.

I wrote back and said, No problem—“I am by this email authorising you to take 3,000 dollars from the 800,000 dollars that I have won to cover the processing fee and then send me the reminder.” Kennedy wrote back and said, that couldn’t be done…

So I wrote back, saying, it’s really sad that such a deduction cannot be made. All the same, they can send me the cheque and the moment I cash it, I will be able to write another cheque of 3,000 dollars and send it to them or they can actually meet me in Liechtenstein where we can party on my Yacht—and then take the money after.

At this stage, Elizabeth or Kennedy did not write back again—and I believe Elizabeth and Kennedy are the same person, sitting in some internet café somewhere trying his luck with whatever email he can find online.

Apart from this back and forth with such a dumb scammer, I continue to receive so many emails each day from such people—and the emails are largely the same or follow the same pattern. Mostly, these emails are full of spelling mistakes.

The bank ones are what I cannot even bring my head to understand their motive—they can’t be bothered to reason/research a bit yet they want success with such scams? I get emails from Bank of America saying ‘something’ about my bank account held  with them when I’ve never come any close to such a bank before. I don’t have a bank account with Fidelity Bank but there always seem to be an issue with my bank account held at their end…

Even the online robots are getting smarter but these online fraudsters continue to remain dumb, throwing rotten baits with the hope that they will catch some cotton-headed human being.

What has your experience been with these email fraudsters or what sort of emails do you get from them?

This article was first published on Chris-Vincent’s personal blog-TopVincent.Com


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