BUSTED: Finally UT Bank Boss-Kofi Amoabeng Speaks | Says I Do Not Have Any Son With Mzbel

Mzbel and son Aaron
Mzbel and son Aaron

The millionaire dollar question and answer; Which Ghanaian female musician had a baby and lied that UK Boss-Kofi Amoabeng is the father of the child—and even bought her a new car after the baby? It’s Mzbel…

For about two years now, Mzbel has been throwing dust into our eyes—strongly claiming the father of her son, Aaron is the businessman-Kofi Amoabeng, owner of UT Bank.

Finally, the man has spoken and he says, to hell with Mzbel—he does not have any son with Mzbel, contrary to the ‘claims’ of the musician.

Throughout the whole Mzbel pregnant and child birth, many readers on GhanaCelebrities.Com maintained that Mzbel was promiscuous and she struggling to know who exactly the father of the baby is—but her many social media comments pointed us to UT’s boss.

And the fact that they’ve had an affair before sort of made him a reasonable candidate— while his money made him, a better candidate for Mzbel.

The Chief Executive Officer of UT Holdings-Kofi Amoabeng speaking on JOY Fm on Thursday said “It is not true that I have a kid with Mzbel,” however he did not confirm or deny having intimate relationship with her.

Kofi Amoabeng who has also chopped down Ghanaian TV personality-Nana Ama Anamoah in the past, before moving onto Mzbel confirm he is very close with Nana Aba Anamoah.

In relation to Mzbel and Nana Ama Anamoah, he said “they are lovely people, sexy ladies.”

The man who already has 7 children to his name had this to say about marriage; “I love my independence. Marriage is not my thing.  I tried it but marriage is not good for me,” he added that “but I have a partner.”

In January 2014, just a few months after her baby-Mzbel shared the below photos of the two things that brought priceless joy to her—including a new Mercedes Benz she claimed to have received from her baby’s father.




Not just that, recently, Mzbel took to instagram to praise Kofi Amoabeng, sort of saying; that is a great man, the father of my baby…

Mzbel uploaded a cute photo of the CEO of UT Bank-Prince Kofi Amoabeng and wrote; “Role model 4 life! Ghana’s Most RespectedCEO#Greatness #Humble #Down2Earth #NoNonsense#Romantic #Principle #Handsome #Healthy #TheGiant#SexyGolfer Lol YEP! #PKA *wink*,”

A few years ago, GhanaCelebrities.Com confirmed the news that Mzbel and Kofi Amoabeng were chopping each other down—and published the below photo after Mzbel denied ever being close to the man.

Prince Kofi Amoabeng with Mzbel
Prince Kofi Amoabeng with Mzbel

Now that the man says the child is not his—Mzbel, can you tell us who is the father of your baby? This child will grow to probably come and read this, don’t do this to him…

Who is the father?

Rumours had it some time back that Kofi Amoabeng had asked Mzbel for a DNA test to established if indeed he is the father of the child—and we are not sure if this test was done. Perhaps, it’s the result which has prompted Amoabeng’s revelation that he is not the father…

Mzbel (real name Nana Ekua Amoah) has in the past dated the now dead/alive musician-Castro De Destroyer and the current boyfriend of Nana Ama McBrown-Maxwell Mensah.


GhanaCelebrities.Com reached out to our source close to Mzbel—and he said, he is deeply shocked. “I am very shocked about this because everything about and from Mzbel pointed to the fact that Kofi is the father. And I actually believed it. Now, this new revelation from Kofi has thrown me over board,” our source said.


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9 thoughts on “BUSTED: Finally UT Bank Boss-Kofi Amoabeng Speaks | Says I Do Not Have Any Son With Mzbel”

    • what do you mean by he is lying? that man is straight to the point even though he is not perfect. He is a womanizer yes, but will not deny any child of his. if you do not know someone, do not talk anyhow about the person. This very chris guy swore heaven and earth that he knew what he was talking about and that that mzbel confided in him. that cheap theif and liar mzbel? she should go back to the drawing board and look for another lie to cover up because her juju and waist shaking will not appeal to this man ever, ever again. I am sure you were one of those who insisted that UT boss was the father of the child. the man doesnt even need the DNA test to testify that the child is not his because all his real and true children have SERIOUS resemblance to the man you have no idea. his blood is thick papa

  1. Dey r now pointing fingers at macbrown’s boyfriend maxwell…plssss n plsss media dnt destroy dis beautiful relationship brown has worked her ass to build… plsss…

    • if brown loves the boyfriend, nothing of this sort should bother her. it is painful but the truth that the baby is nana ama’s boyfriend’s child and she should accept it. what did you think happened at amoabeng’s house when lies of this nature was going round and people were standing on their grounds that this liar was speaking the truth? what were you thinking the quiet lady (the partner) was doing? laughing? good or bad, if you you love your man, you stand by him.

  2. Hmmmm ay3 ahem, I want to know if is a curse on celebrities, becuz it’s becmn a normal routine about celebrities nt dier love life, although sm unknown pple lyk us also ve dat unending love life but dese r pple most of our kidz n youth look up to……. It’s gradually having effect on the youth but we ve not realized it yet……

  3. Nana Aba Anamoah and Mzbel were not for keeps, he chopped them down. They went looking for favour and decided to milk him and he being a typical man, chopped them down but mzbel thought he could fool him with her lies and tricks. God has seen you all, shame on you girls. men will always be men, respect yourselves girls


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