Film-Maker Leila Djansi DELETES Her ‘Ignorant Clothed in Tribalism’ Ebola Vaccine Trial in Ghana Comment From Facebook

Leila Djansi
Leila Djansi

The greatest way to kill ignorance especially with Africans is to robustly challenge their entrenched ignorance. We fail to learn, to read and yet parade ourselves as mouth pieces—addressing and attacking issues we have not even the slightest knowledge on.

Following my article-We Ghanaians Are ‘Selfish Ignorant B*stards’ | Where Do We Want the Ebola Vaccine Trial to Take Place? + See What Leila Djansi Wrotefilm-maker-Leila Djansi has deleted that extensive ignorant comment clothed in tribalism that she posted on facebook about the Ebola vaccine positioned to take place in the Volta Region of Ghana.

As someone who spends a lot of time online, I have always defended Ewes when they get attacked online (for some weird reason, they get a lot of such tribal attacks)—and my defence borders on the lines that, tribalism is a Paleolithic era absurdity. We need to grow pass that. But then when you find Ewes like Leila Djansi who ought to know better making some shockingly stupid tribal comments on national/global issues all the time—it just makes you wonder where we are going as a nation.

We need to educate ourselves and we need to have conversations about issues like this. Jumping the gun and running to facebook to misinform people or throwing into the public domain a comment founded on ignorance when you have several followers muddies the water—some people take these comments as divine commandments.

We can hold discussions on ensuring ethical clinical trials of vaccines in our country—everywhere in the world, such concerns are discussed and held as genuine. I am for such concerns and discussions.

But to wake up from an ignorant side of your bed and throw out comments which distort the needed discussion is not the way forward.



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8 thoughts on “Film-Maker Leila Djansi DELETES Her ‘Ignorant Clothed in Tribalism’ Ebola Vaccine Trial in Ghana Comment From Facebook”

  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what Leila said. They were planning to do the tests in Volta Region only, that is why she mentioned Volta !

  2. Chris, I think you should cut it out. What Leila Djansi said has no tribal connotation to it, you are making it out to be what it is clearly not. You took what she said out of context and try to incite the tribal bigots against her. You are screaming tribalism when there is none. First of all, she questioned why they have to do the trial in Ghana when there was never a single case of Ebola in Ghana. Secondly, she is concerned why it has to be done in the Volta Region, but, she didn’t suggest that they should have taken the trial in another region. By the way, she is not the only Ghanaian that has come out to voiced out her concerns. A lot of Ghanaians has. Why pick on her? I know why.

  3. Read what Afia Schwarzenegger had to say below. Apparently Chris will not say anything about it because it doesn’t suit his tribal bigotry propaganda. Afia is even more blunt with her post but Chris decided to pick on Leila Djansi.⬇⬇⬇

    Good morning Food and Drugs Authority 
    you banned all celebrities from advertising alcoholic beverages on “Moral grounds “as if this country got no constitution!!!

    Yet u willing allow someone to test ebola drugs on students/people at hohoe just for 200 ghc and a mobile fone 
    What happened to all the monkeys in the forest??Am not being tribalistic but why Hohoe and not Kumasi or Sunyani…are the Voltarians that weak??do they look like monkeys????
    So what happened to testing new drugs on monkeys etc…why did America reject that vaccine to be tested in their country??
    And why will we allow ebola drugs to be tested in Ghana(ebola free nation )
    I will be very suprise if my Voltarians fold their arms and watch this happen!!!
    Tweaaaaaaaa Food and Drugs Authority my …..
    As for the ministry of health…The least said the better.

  4. People still visit this blog???? I have a problem with disqus constantly sending me notifications from this website…that’s about to end now cos I don’t even remember the last time I passed by here. I refuse to put food on the table of hungry ignoramus know it all,whose ego is as big as precious face but can’t afford a trip to cannes out of pocket yet runs his mouth tweeeaaaaa. #ByeChristiana


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