P*ornhub Soliciting For $3. 4m To Film Seks Video- In Space!

The world’s number one por n site pornhub have started a petition to raise enough money to film a porn video in outer space.2 min


‘To proudly go where no man has gone before’ is one of the sentences man coined to capture our exploration into outer space. Whilst important work has been done there, a totally new venture is being planned that wouldn’t be on most people’s list of important space exploration activities.

The world’s number one p*rn site pornhub have started a petition to raise enough money to film a p*rn video in outer space.

The site is hoping to raise $3.4m through crowd funding, and are calling for donations from the entire general public.

The site’s $3.4 million appeal reads:

“Pornhub is teaming up with top ranking adult studio Digital Playground in joining the ranks of Armstrong and Gagarin by pioneering a one of a kind mission to defy gravity, make history, and push the boundaries of intergalactic ‘Sexploration’ by filming the first ever sekstape in space.

“In doing so, we will not only be changing the face of the adult industry, we will also be chronicling how a core component of human life operates while in orbit.

“With some help from our generous fan base and extended community, we can all make this happen. Our work is definitely cut out for us. We need to train and outfit our crew, consult with a dedicated team of specialists; purchase custom modified film equipment, and completely fund the use of the shuttle that’ll take us on our journey to space. We’ve projected that the overall cost of this pioneering endeavour will run us about $3.4 million.

“By supporting us through the purchase of one (or several!) of our amazing perks, you have the opportunity to be a part of the most epic sex adventure ever caught on tape, causing lives to change, mouths to drop, and boundaries to be broken.”

They are not joking. They’ve raised almost $18,000 as at this time, despite being up for all of 48 hours. People are not messing around with this, LOL.
The appeal can be found here.

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