Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

Those of you who have issues with my diction when it comes to certain issues or articles; this commenter on GhanaCelebrities.Com seems to have perfectly captured it. You don’t negotiate with ignorance…

I hope it makes sense to those with enough sense to reason—because I am not here to sugar coat the truth just because someone will find it offensive.

In fact, free speech grants me the right to be offensive! And if you read prolific writers like Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Salman Rushdie, Neil Degraase Tyson, Ali Ayaan Hirsi, David Humes and others—you learn how to cut through all the BS and say it as it is!


“I support Chris in his choice of words and tone when it comes to this issue and other issues concerning Ghanaians and Ghana. Ghanaians have no sense. They will always behave like spoiled brats on serious issues and we need adults to yell, spank and hustle them into the real world.

Ebola is a serious issue that can cripple the whole continent and add to the already disastrous economic state Africa faces. Imagine if the rest of the world decided to quarantine the whole continent because of a pandemic. While this remains a serious threat Ghanaians in their infinite wisdom have their thumb up their ass blowing snorts and spewing garbage 24 hours a day.

It’s time serious people in the Ghanaian community use their bully pulpit to shout down the ignorant muthaf**kers pretending to know what the hell they are talking about and filling the heads of ignorant Ghanaians with nonsense and fear. When afia schawznegger is the medical adviser for Ghanaians you know the country is gone to the dogs. I wish the IMF had made the trials of vaccination part of its conditions.

After all they are investing in the country and need to secure their investment. If the country becomes Ebola infested how would they get their loans back.

Ghanaians are infantile in their thinking and should be handle as such. I wish the skepticism Ghanaians are showing with this life saving vaccination is directed at their fake churches, prophets, bishops, apostles and seers. Who have plundered and rendered the entire country backward and retarded.

There isn’t one sensible journalist on the air in Ghana I respect. They are all gas bags full of themselves. If there were any sensible ones, they will be communicating the benefits of these trials and the fact that it is a preparation to stave off an impending storm which will be more damaging than anything Ghana has seen.

Chris keep up the good work. When it comes to ghana don’t hold back because it takes a certain level of grit to remove the formaldahyde of nonsense and superstition that has withered and shrunk the Ghanaian mind. Like my favourite comedian, George carlin, use to say calling an idiot an idiot doesn’t have the same impact as calling him a f**king idiot. Words are powerful.

Using the deference and diplomatic approach when dealing with ignorant and dumb Ghanaians doesn’t work. You need to break that hard shell of stupidity they surround themselves with. And being polite doesn’t work.

When a f**king idiot and ignoramus like Afia schwarnegger thinks their ignorant opinion matters on such a serious issue you call her out. Because this is a serious issue that cannot be left to the idiots on the air.

One of our problems in Ghana is our inability to call people on their bullsh*t. This has allowed those in power to get away with murder.

Personally I prefer hurting their feelings to being diplomatic. Which is why anyone spreading lies and misinformation on the vaccination is a retarded f**king c*nt. If it’s too hard for your ears tough bananas but consider what they are trying to do.”

The commenter-Manassehatsu left the above comment under THIS ARTICLE.

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Now, do you agree or not? As someone said; wisdom is in the minority—look for that.


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