PHOTOS: Actress-Vicky Zugah’s Body Magic Trick Exposed | Don’t Fall for the Celebrity Figure…Most Are FAKE!

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Vicky Zugah
Vicky Zugah

Celebrities put a lot of people under pressure, especially fans—to look perfect, because they present themselves as near perfect.

The truth is; they are like every woman, mostly battling with weight gain and chubby tummies—but they use silly tricks like wearing body magic and corsets to hide their insecurities.

To the ordinary eyes, they have banging bodies and they are not like many of us. Behind the veil, the value is the same.

At the recent Golden Ghana Movie Awards’ corporate screening in Accra, lost Ghanaian actress-Vicky Zugah emerged, beautifully and confidently dressed.

But a close look at what she is wearing reveals that; she is hiding that stomach under a corset/body magic. Kids, never be jealous of celebrity bodies, they are mostly never what is presented to you…

Keep calm and continue eating your large fufu. 🙂

Vicky Zugah
Vicky Zugah

GC Staff Yaa


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  1. Funny thing is her breast is suffocating in da red bra…n da bra jus couldn’t hide itself from showing in da net dress..Is a total mess..

  2. And these same girls will come on instagram to adverstise false product. If you want a real tone waist, spend some time in the gym and cut of the carbs lmao. Do it natural vicky

    1. Lol yes do it natural though it’s soooo hard….lol the carbs oh…hehe out food…you know how it works… GC maybe its about time you have regular post on fitness….Zoe of us might learn one or two

  3. She cannot even breath see the disaster. I dont know why some women kill themselves with these products instead of going to the gym or just running. Lazy generation of women

  4. I heard she eats fufu for breakfast, banku for super and face the wall as a night snack. Tuck in ur belly mate

  5. Now I understand why she lost maxwell to Ama Mcbrown. Nana AMA is busy exercising for maxwell and u are there chopping starchy starchy.