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What If We Have A Shop Where We Can Buy Honesty, Integrity And Humility Like Beauty Shops?

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We have beauty shops, the gym and the plastic surgeons but why don’t we have shops where they sell honesty, integrity, respect, humility etc…? We seriously need these like oxygen.  If you’re very honest, you’re out of fashion because dishonesty is very fashionable these days and it’s been flavoured and coloured in such a way that it’s attractively dazzling.

Funny enough, people who do get away with dishonesty are considered smart for being creative – creative at what? Being haughty these days is seen as confidence. Confidence and arrogance are poles apart.

You can never be a prim and proper businessman/woman if you want to make your millions because going through the right channels won’t give you the expected return. They therefore have to lie and cheat to be the millionaire/billionaire they want.  To the cunning mind, they’re being competitive or cutting corners but putting people’s lives at risk has nothing to do with being competitive. We’re all calculative in one way or the other but the calculative nature of some people is ridiculous.

Forget the church because their heads are the worst when it comes to humility.

People who have no regard for others in any shape or form are the types who expect others to hold them in high esteem or treat them with importance. That is not how ‘we roll’. I believe in respecting everyone not choosing who to and not to respect.

We can go to the beauty shops and the gyms and buy all the paints and wig and extra boobs with bum to top up our ‘fakeries’ but we don’t have an honest/integrity/humility and good value shops where we can pop in every now and then to buy one or more of what we actually need to make our world a better place.

Of course, anyone who dares open a shop to sell these necessities will definitely go bankrupt! But then we always have to blame something or somebody for everything so let’s blame our ‘horrible ways and attitudes’ on situations and consumerism – which always bring out the worst in people.

If it’s not viable to open and operate a basic necessity shop, why don’t we be shop owners, shopkeepers and customers at the same time?  Instil or learn these values in ourselves.

I would have said children should be instilled with good values and respect from tender ages but then if their parents have no respect for others, are thieves and dishonest themselves, they are incapable of teaching their children this so we can expect nothing more from the children.

Common etiquette and politeness – we even lack


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