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Game Of Thrones Season 5 Ends With Another Game Changing Episode

Jon Snow dead
Jon Snow dead

There is a method to the madness often displayed by Game of Thrones writers David Benioff and Dan Weiss. It is a method fans have grown accustomed to, and it a method that was shattered with the final scene of Game of Thrones Season 5.

Often the final episode of the season is where things are wrapped up, and sufficiently resolved until the next season began. And this worked well, because often the biggest and most shocking events are reserved for the 9th episode of the season. Ned Stark’s death in season one, the Battles of Blackwater and the Wall in seasons two and four; and the mother of all shocking episodes, The Red Wedding in Season 3.

These episodes contained huge, game changing moments- and they needed a great resolution. That happened in the next episode, the season finale where everything is wrapped up in a pretty little bow and then you wait ten months for the next season.

Game of Thrones season 5 has become the exception to that rule. The finale of the show was more episode 9 than most of the episode 9’s we’ve ever had. The season has left us on several cliff-hangers, with characters in a situation that sees them in some sort of danger. This naturally screams for a resolution, but uncharacteristically we now have to wait for the next season in 2016, to have any idea of the potential fates of most of the characters we love.

And the season ended with a big bang, Jon Snow ambushed by his sworn brothers and stabbed over and over again in the gut. This has been Kit Harrington’s best season, as we’ve finally seen Jon come into his own, and mature into that great leader he’s always shown he could one day be.

His problem was being saddled with bigoted, small minded criminals for sworn brothers, who refused to see the forest for the trees. Jon was a reformist, seeing that the real threat is that of the white walkers and not the wildings; his brothers refused to see that, and Jon honestly did not do a very good job of explaining it to them. It all ended with a Julius Cesar situation, so much so that Jon muttering ‘et tu, Olly?’ would not have seemed out of place.

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Thus ended the season which Snow lying in a pool of his blood in the snow, a scene as heart wrenching as any we’ve seen in this show. There are many theories as to Jon’s fate, but I would not go into them here as some people might not appreciate getting spoiled.

Over the narrow sea in Essos, the fire to Jon’s ice, Daenerys Targaryen is stranded with her dragon Drogon. Drogon came to rescue her from the Harpy’s the previous episode, but he’s wounded and has little interest in flying anywhere.

The moment Dany decides to take a little stroll, she finds herself surrounded by a Dothraki horde. I doubt they’ll be very much pleased to meet her, whether they remember her as Drogo’s Khaleesi or not. So once again we have another character in danger whose fate we have to wait over 10 months to discover.

Cersei pled for her sins, and had to take a ‘walk of shame’ as atonement. Intentionally or not, Game of Thrones made a statement about the dangers of giving any sort of power to religious fanatics, which just mirrors the kind of horn we blow every day on

Cersei’s walk encapsulated all that is wrong with humanity and organised religion, and her vile depravity does not take away from the real suffering and humiliation she had to go through. Remember not for her real crimes- incest and murder and infanticide and the rest- but just for adultery.

However she’s back home now, where creepy Qyburn was waiting with the resurrected Mountain. He’s supposedly taken a vow of silence until all of Cersei’s enemies are dead; and knowing Cersei that would take the rest of her life to accomplish.

We all love Arya, but her actions this season has left a lot to be desired. She reneged on the first ever mission she was given, and then killed Meryn Trant. It was a brutal and gory scene, as Arya finally embarked on the path to whittling down her list. But it came at a terrible price, betrayal of the many faced god is not taken kindly, and she paid for it with a life and her sight.

There was a lot going on in this finale, Sansa finally escaped Winterfell, taking a huge plunge off the walls with Reek; whilst Stannis’ pathetic season ended at the edge of Brienne’s sword—at least so it seems. The show runners set the board with next season mainly in mind, and it was a decision that meant we got cliff-hangers rather than resolution.

I approve, because whilst I’ve had enough difficulties with this season to mean I wouldn’t anxiously await next season like I always do- the uncertainty of character fates makes it more likely to keep me guessing, whereas just resolving everyone’s arcs would have left me more impassioned towards next season.

As it stands, I’m excited to see what they would do next season, and for a book reader who has complained for most of this season I think that is an accomplishment for the show runners; testament to the power of the finale they were able to deliver.

And what is your take on season 5?


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10 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Season 5 Ends With Another Game Changing Episode”

  1. This season has been brutal for me; Stannis the ‘true king’ is an a$$ but I don’t think he should die like that—because what is the point of all these seasons following him if he has to end that way?

    And the fact that we did not see his death means there can be more—Brienne of Tarth may temporally hire his wounded skills to go for Sansa.

    The fate of Jon Snow? I don’t think the writers will kill Jon like that and I don’t think it was just a matter of coincidence that Melisandre happened to be around when Jon is stabbed to death.

    I have always hated Melisandre and I believe so many GOT fans hate her too—but if she and her Lord of the light are able to bring Jon back as many believe she will do, she will end my soft spot.

    Arya needs to set her priorities right; don’t go after your own targets when you have been sent on a different mission.

    I can’t believe we have to wait for another 10 months to see what happens and I think Brandon Stark will return in season 6.

    • Chris

      Here is my educated guesses;

      Jon Snow will be back. He will be resurrected as the god that melisandre wanted Stannis to be (Azor ..). The burning or glowing sword he used against the walker is my proof. Then he’ll kill Melisandre in a burning fire. All the religious nutters will be purged. Cersei will see to that.


  2. This season has been nothing but EPIC!! Although it started with a slow build up (ep 1-4) it kicked of from 5 onwards …I’m still trying to come in terms with Jon Snow’s death …according to my research, all there is now is he’s Dead?and the books are up to date with the series so there’s no way to know what happens till next year (sighhhssssss)….but on the plus side I can’t wait for Cersei to flipping burn all those wretched idiotttsss!!! and for Arya, as Chris said should set her priorities right! You can’t be a faceless god and still hold mermories from your old life …” u don’t do them things man”…

  3. Three ways John Snow may come back
    1. Come back as a wolf
    2. Remember season 3, that guy who resurrected the man who was killed by the man with the burnt face. Apparently was resurrected 7 times
    3. Just as you guys suggested and possibly the most likely scenario, is Melisandre resurrecting J Snow to be the god, Azor. John has always been the chosen one. “You know nothing John Snow”. The same way he doesn’t know his journey is now beginning

  4. Jon is obviously coming back. Like y’all noted they sent the Red Witch back to the wall for a reason, and there are any number of ways the Red God can bring people back.
    The Night’s watch are just short sighted fools, and what I’m wondering is considering the wildings outnumber them significantly, do they really expect to win any battle that ensues? So my question is what would happen in the aftermath of Jon’s stabbing, would the wildlings try anything?

    Stannis I’ve also thought of the possibility that he isn’t dead yet. They purposefully did not show the last blow, so there might be something there.
    And Dany’s story, any ideas where it would go next season?

    • I think Daenerys Targaryen will have it difficult with her captives, contrary to people thinking because of her ex, they may settle well with her. Dropping that ring was a good move though, but I don’t even know those people will know who the hell she is or remember her and her past relationship. That scene was beautiful—film making at its best.

      I am particularly confused about Arya. Though many are saying she is blind, I think she couldn’t see because she reached her own face—she was alright flipping through the faces until she got to her own face. So it could be just a temporal thing, put there to once again get us yearning for the next season.

      Reek and Sansa will be another interesting one and if Hudor and Brandon return, we will have some interesting journey from their end too.

      So basically, this season ended with all the main characters except Tyrion at some damn risk. Jamie may return to kick the hell out of some people too…


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