Afia Schwarzenegger Tells K. K Fosu That Her Big Mouth is Better Than K.K’s Ugly Face | Hold On Sister, You Have BOTH

Afia Schwarzenegger
Afia Schwarzenegger

The above photo which recently made headlines on various blogs attracted several comments—with many saying, this photo is a non-scientific evidence that evolution is real, compared to the one below.

That is Afia Schwarzenegger (Valentine Nana Agyeiwaa) back in 2008—even in 2015, she does not look any different in real life, except that she can now afford makeup so that helps in covering things us.  Yet still, the value remains the same if you take off the makeup.

Out of self-disgust and in attempt to pose as if she does not care, Afia Schwarzenegger took the photo which was making rounds on the blogs and posted it on her instagram page, claiming that the photo shows how far God has brought her. Of course it does, but God forget to fix the face…

And then Ghanaian musician-K.K Fosu who could not hold his fingers commented via instagram, saying, that is some ‘scary’ photo—see the big mouth.

Afia Schwarzenegger hit back at him, saying “@kkfosuliveband I guess a big mouth is the isshh and it’s better than uglyface… u scare me , try n record a hit song so u can afford a surgrey… ”

The irony of the above comment from Afia is that, in fact, she has both things—the big mouth and the ugly face so why has she not done the recommended surgery?

Can someone buy Afia Schwarzenegger a mirror? Because her friends may be deceiving her.

For this, we dedicate the belong song to her…


Afia Schwarzenegger
Afia Schwarzenegger


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15 thoughts on “Afia Schwarzenegger Tells K. K Fosu That Her Big Mouth is Better Than K.K’s Ugly Face | Hold On Sister, You Have BOTH”

  1. Chris why did u insult her in the first place by comparing her to your evolution theory.Also K.K. Fosu deserves what she said.Am not a fan of Afia but I can never look into someone’s face and just say ugly to the person.If I think anything at all its in my head never will I say that to anyone becos I treat as I want to be treated.Just put yourself into her shoes as human as we are,and it goes u all supporting Chris on this topic.

  2. KK Fosu is ugly, Afia is ugly and the one who wrote this article is no Adonis. Three ugly people just putting each other on blast. Ugly mu competition papa bi

  3. See yeye de smell, so if to say we call babes wey get fine face this wowo sef go gree follow come chai omo Ghana una don sofa, Na wetin de makam think sey she fine or is it the paint she carry for face all in the of makes up, i go givam water to washam komot sharp sharp make we see her natural beauty now


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