Dear British Airways, Why Are You Selling Ghana As A Holiday Destination in the Most Awful Way?

British Airways
British Airways

Does British Airways know about the influence of images when someone is looking to pick their next holiday destination? Of course they do, else what would have been the point in presenting those beautiful photos for Spain, France and Cape Town—but shockingly, an awful one for Accra.

How would you feel if you receive the above email (screenshot) from British Airways, a company that believes to be doing its best to equally sell these holiday destinations to you—when obviously, the beauty in one (where you are from) has been totally marginalized?

Accra is beautiful and unique, yet British Airways in its latest sales’ email failed to do justice to the capital city of Ghana, a place named by the New York times in 2013 as 4th on the list of the 49 places to visit in the world.

Perhaps I have a bad taste for beautiful images and that is why I am finding it difficult to see the beauty in the selected image of Accra, almost crowded by hawkers along a disturbed sand beach—perched with the blue sea of Spain and the well captured architecture of France.

Among the four images used for the different holiday destinations, you must somewhat have a deep problem to opt for Accra, Ghana—there is nothing attractive, unique or appealing about that image.

It’s this sort of image misrepresentation by those who claim to have the interest of Ghana at heart that needs to be challenged. You wouldn’t attempt to sell such an image to a blind man looking for a holiday destination because it’s tasteless and does not in any way represent the uniqueness of Accra—so why send it out to your non-blind customers?

Compare the below unique and interesting photos which the New York Times used in showcasing Accra as a holiday destination to the British Airways used as its bait—and you will see that someone has a wrong taste for beautiful/interesting holiday destinations but it’s certainly not me.

Even as a Ghanaian, I wouldn’t want to visit Ghana for free if that British Airways’ image is presented to me with the others—there are several distinctive features of Ghana that can perfectly sell it as a holiday destination and compete with those beautiful shots used for the other destinations. But, this is the best British Airways could find.

Whoever did this should visit Specsavers; it has been a long time…

British Airways
NY Times Presentation of Accra as a Holiday Destination
NY Times Presentation of Accra as a Holiday Destination


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6 thoughts on “Dear British Airways, Why Are You Selling Ghana As A Holiday Destination in the Most Awful Way?”

  1. We don’t respect ourselves, so why should the British respect us? When we settle for them to dictate to us for centuries, why would they suddenly respect us because we demand it

  2. Personally, i find the BA photo more appealing than the NY Times shots, especially the one of Osu Oxford Street; the Movenpick photo is not typical Accra or Ghana. There are equally classy places in SA, Nigeria or any other place. Whats so unique about Movenpick in Ghana.


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