VIDEO: Bukom Banku Says the Ga gods Are Fools & Challenges Them to Come Kill Him, His Wife or Any of His 11 Children

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Bukom Banku
Bukom Banku

It’s interesting how Ghanaians are standing up against the gods—talking back at them for their absurd claims and for the representative of the gods saying, the gods caused the recent Accra flood/fire which killed over 200 Ghanaians.

I say interesting because, some few years ago, Ghanaians regarded these gods as true—powerful and all knowing. Today, it seems a lot of Ghanaians have no respect for the gods and gradually, the gods are losing their sacred positions in society.

But there is a new God in town which has taken over; the Abrahamic God, together with his son Jesus Christ, they have taken over.

For some of us, in some years to come, it will become obvious that the Abrahiamic God which is held sacred today and who has dethroned the smaller gods of their might, respect and reverence will also become nothing.

In fact, in some parts of the world among certain people, this Abrahamic God is believed to be a fraud just as the smaller gods are regarded as useless to many Ghanaians today.

Ghanaian boxer-Bukom Banku  who wouldn’t have been able to even say a thing about these small gods if he was present just a few years ago (let’s say Okomfo Ankokye era) has gotten the balls to insult the gods today—calling them all manner of names. And has had the audacity to challenge the gods to kill him, his wife or any of his 11 children if they are real.

To some of us who have keen interest in religion and gods/God, this is a reflection of progress—except that Ghanaians have just replaced one useless god with another. The value is the same…

All the same, watch Bukom Banku throw punches at the Ga gods below…

Bukom Banku challenges Ga Traditional Council’s claim that he and Ayittey Powers contributed to the twin disasters of June 3

Posted by JoyNews on Thursday, 18 June 2015

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