Having Honest Conversations With Ghanaians | Mzbel Said Jesus Christ is A FRAUD But We Shouldn’t Say the ‘Truth’ About Her Son…


To be frank, though an innocent baby, I don’t think Mzbel’s son is more sacred in the minds of people compared to Jesus Christ, a lie that Ghanaians have come to accept as their Lord and personal saviour.

A few months ago, Mzbel punched the face of all religious people—saying that Jesus Christ was a FRAUD. And as you may already know, I also think so.  At best, Jesus Christ was a deluded Rabbi who lived around the time the Bible places him—even that, the Bible got the date wrong.

His miraculous conception is a fraud so are the many miracles attributed to him—especially, the crucifixion and resurrection.  No such person ever lived, I mean a person who performed all those miracles and was born of a virgin—those are ancient myths borrowed to fraudulently create a Messiah.

Of course several people have bought into the lies and have over the years held this lies with all their heart—it has somewhat become sacred more than their own existence.

But this did not stop Ghanaian musician-Mzbel who was fully aware of the honest feelings of Ghanaians in relation to this subject to challenge the status quo—to call a spade a spade and call their saviour BS. That was right, personally, I stood behind her not only for the fact that I share the same worldview but simply for the fact that, she was pushing for honest conversations to be had—regardless of who is the subject matter.

This brings me to the issue of pushing for honest conversations in Ghanaian communities—something which has become a taboo. You can’t tell to the face of people that their Christ is a fraud, you cannot point to them the absurdity in their claims of there being a celestial father who watches over all of us. And certainly, you cannot call an idiot for what he/she really is…

It’s as though we are cursed not to be honest and not to break away from lies by openly questioning things—and we cannot proudly call BS for being BS.

So it was pretty interesting albeit controversial when Mzbel (real name Nana Ekua Amoah) took on the near half population of Ghana, tearing down their long held beliefs and literally saying, they are FOOLS for believing in this Fraud called Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ

Once again, I also think it’s beyond insanity to believe in Jesus Christ and to live your entire life around such a belief which you can only hold on the foundation of faith and not reason. It’s only a credulous person who would struggle to spot the underlying erroneousness of this belief system.

However, despite Mzbel’s position denoting that she actually believes that honest conversations should be held on every subject—no matter who it’s about or whose name gets mentioned, she seems to have a shocking exception. When it comes to the father of her baby, no questions should be asked—and no honest conversation should be entertained.

I wouldn’t call this hypocrisy because that is an unofficial trait of almost every Ghanaian. I am used to that and by now, most people are. This is total absurdity; if you, I and several others are able to call the Messiah out for what he is—A FRAUD, then surely your son should not be immuned from the harsh tongue of honesty too.

The child is innocent and I think I did state so in my article now titled “Finding the Father of Mzbel’s ‘SNOW Child’ | Kofi Amoabeng Crossed Out…Is Nana Ama McBrown’s Boyfriend-Maxwell Mensah the Plausible Suspect?” but you cannot use innocence as a bulwark against the need to have any honest conversation—same way religious people can no longer use how high they hold their faith and prophets to stop us from questioning the credibility of their claims.

Following Mzbel’s comment about Jesus Christ, she was attacked by people I mostly refer to as ‘lame’—whose grounds of attack rested on the fact she had questioned and called for an honest conversation to be held about the divinity of their Bronze Age prophet who at best was nothing but a deluded ignorant Rabbi.

Mzbel herself together with several people including many of GhanaCelebrities.Com’s writers called the attacks ‘unreservedly nonsense’—who gives a hoot about your so called Christ in a 21st century? Even if you do, it doesn’t mean we cannot call a spade a spade—good luck with finding another Messiah or healing your wounds of hurt.

Yesterday after I opened the floor for an honest conversation about Mzbel’s ‘fatherless’ son—she sent me several messages on Whatsapp and even called my landline. Though obviously upset, she kept it calm and requested that, such an HONEST conversation should not be held about her son. We are talking about a child a man recently rejected as his on a ‘national’ radio—the conversation and rejection came following the musician’s indirect suggestions that this man was the father.

Beyond her phone call and messages, she took to social media to call for my head—not the Game of Thrones style; in a far more disgusting way than the abhorred GOT cruelty.

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As I have already pointed out, the ‘sacred’ nature of religion or its prophets shouldn’t stop us from any honest conversation about these beliefs and Mzbel seems to believe this—to frank, religion should be stripped off that sacred status which it has falsely accrued to itself over the years.

In the same light, the innocence of your child should not stop ask from calling a spade a spade—or let’s say, from asking the relevant questions just as we would ask when the subject is religion, politics, science, philosophy or any important discipline.

Our society needs to grow beyond the shocks of conversations—an idiot should be called an idiot (maybe a f**king idiot), a fraudulent Messiah should be called a fraud and a fatherless child should equally be called a ‘b*stard’.

This political correctness we employ does not help the conversation and for someone like Mzbel who posed as though she wants to uproot this “cultural subservience” with her open comment about Jesus Christ being a FRAUD—it’s pathetic and irrational to see her wanting to hide under the same scheme which does not in any way help with honest conversations.


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11 thoughts on “Having Honest Conversations With Ghanaians | Mzbel Said Jesus Christ is A FRAUD But We Shouldn’t Say the ‘Truth’ About Her Son…”

    • This is beyond sad. And you continue to read the lamest person you know on earth every day. That must mean you are below lamest. Isn’t it?

  1. Good point made on this one. In other words, she talks nonsense without caring about people’s feelings but does not want others to use the same tone at her.

  2. Hehehe she got served.

    First when I read the initial article I tot it was too harsh but after reading this, I am with you Mr. Chris. Mzbel breaks the taboo to say things about religin. She even said christian worship is idol worship.

    So what is the problem if the honest truth is said about her child too? She wants to eat her cake and have it back.

    But my Chris, I think you are too smart for your audience and characters called Ghanaiana celebs. You will always have problems with these people. Their thinking is like that of a child. Maybe you need to step on and leave them behind. Just my humble opinion

  3. My dear cotton head I read some and not everything he writes.Do you see me always commenting?saman dompe!!!!!Besides its besides of a sentence he wrote not the whole topic.silly!!

  4. Isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black? The writer (aka Mr. “Your comments is under moderation) should look in the mirror for once.

  5. This writer was crying a few years ago to shut down this site because he couldn’t take the heat from others. Now he uses words to defame people but won’t allow the same words he uses from others to describe him. Now you can make your conclusion who is what here.

  6. I think i will just ignore this nd take it as ignorance cuz if i get angry we will shutdown this website and we will follow you and disable all you online accounts,you will have no place online to post ur nonsense

  7. So if indeed Jesus Christ doesn’t exist n it is in de Bible den it gives de impression dat de whole Bible is a lie, anaaa? Mzbel dis is no big deal u know ur son’s father so if u dnt wanna let out Das fine jst tell us n dnt mk it a long story to gv others chance to ask….. ?


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