Insiders Say Sulley Muntari and Menaye Donkor’s Child Will Not Have A MUSLIM NAME + MORE

Menaye Donkor and Sulley Muntari
Menaye Donkor and Sulley Muntari

GhanaCelebrities.Com was the first to report that Menaye Donkor was pregnant as far back as March before she came out weeks later to confirm with a photo—and yesterday, we broke the news that Menaye Donkor has given birth safely to the full delight of her husband-Sulley Ali Muntari.

Though not confirmed yet, we were told the baby is a girl—and she is adorable.

However, insiders are shockingly telling us that the Menaye-Muntari child will not have a full muslim name and we are not sure how this will sit with the Muntari family.

Already, there is this alleged tension between Menaye and the Muntari family grounded on the fact that Menaye Donkor failed to convert to become a Muslim as the teachings of the Holy Quran demands.

And also,  GhanaCelebrities.Com is told certain members of the Muntari family have expressed concern about how the wife of a devoted Muslim continuously puts her private body on display on social media (they are not happy with photos like those below)—against the woman should cover up doctrines of Islam.

It now looks like, the iron lady-Menaye Donkor wouldn’t be giving in for her child to be fully clothed in a Muslim name such as Fatima Ali Muntari or Rashidatu Ali Muntari—insiders tell us that, at best, the child will have Ali Muntari but Menaye is pushing for a name from her corner or a western name to be added.

Interestingly, one of our sources said “the child may have a Fatima or one of those names but it will remain her unofficial name, something like her home name.  It will not be a full blown Muslim name, that is not happening at all.”

We hope this does not bring back the tension which the forthcoming of the baby seems to have quenched.

Do you think Menaye Donkor should give in for the child to be fully given a Muslim name even though she doesn’t seem to ever want to convert?

Menaye Donkor
Menaye Donkor

Menaye Donkor

Menaye Donkor In Maldives (6)

Menaye Donkor In Maldives (5)

Menaye Donkor In Maldives (3)

Menaye Donkor In Maldives (4)


Menaye Donkor
Menaye Donkor


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