Producer Extraordinaire–Hammer Of The Last Two Commends Rex Omar for a GREAT Musical Comeback | Says Real Music Back & People Should Learn + MORE

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Hammer of The Last Two
Hammer of The Last Two

The man who made and has worked with majority of Ghana’s best musicians-Hammer of the Last Two Records (real name Edward Nana Poku Osei) has commended Ghanaian musician-Rex Omar for a GREAT come back—adding that, real music is back in Ghana and that people should watch and learn.

A few days ago, Rex Omar who has been on a musical hiatus for many years released a new single titled-Paapa. Beyond the great reception the song has received, Hammer sort of says, it’s the greatest he has heard in a long time.

On his facebook page, he wrote; “Rex Omar’s Paapa is undoubtedly one of the best songs I’ve heard in recent times. Real music is back in gh. Watch and learn guys.”

When GhanaCelebrities.Com reached out to Hammer to find out why he think’s Rex’s latest is so great, he said;

“What do I like about it? Well it’s refreshingly relaxing for one… A breath of fresh air.

The soft drums especially gives it a speaker friendly vibe that accommodates unlimited volume…Allowing the powerfully inspiring vocals to excel. Chorus is very inspiring and emotional. Love it”

Hammer continued “Reason people should watch and learn? Well… radio today lacks authenticity and originality. People are so desperate for hits they totally miss the point of being a musician in the first place. I understand boys are hungry but they can’t compromise on inspiring the listeners with powerful messages and beautiful construction in songs. Stop rushing music out of the studio, stop looking at what others are doing and what’s trending.

There’s a good reason why Picasso’s work doesn’t look like Rembrandt. Radio is so saturated with the same sound its appalling… People are just not inspired anymore.

We need to start learning from the likes of Asa, etc”

The fact that the above message is coming from a person who deeply understands music and has been the force behind some of the greatest hits and musicians means a lot—so better listen to the song below…


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
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