YVONNE NELSON & FATHER PROBLEMS: Yvonne Nelson Wishes Her Mother HAPPY FATHER’S DAY Again Even Though She Has A Father & We Know Why…

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

Last year, Actress-Yvonne Nelson wished her mother happy father’s day when the world was celebrating fathers—and interestingly, wished the same mother happy mother’s day on the designated mother’s day too.

This got a lot of people wondering if Yvonne Nelson ‘has’ a father—whether he is alive or not and what could be the obvious reason why the father has been shunned, with the mother taking over his position.

No matter how much we try, our mothers can never pass for our fathers and the vice versa. Each sex has a role to play and even if a father has been irresponsible and has pushed the mother to take over his responsibilities, the mother does not all of a sudden become the father. This  is arguable but we think that is the plausible worldview.

So GhanaCelebrities.Com decided to find out what the situation is like with Yvonne Nelson’s father—from which we wrote;

“Yvonne Nelson’s total disregard for her father on several occasions with her last week’s Father’s day tweets being the recent got some of us wondering where the actress’ father could be—and why she seems to be bitter towards her father.

As we mentioned, we started talking to our many sources and so far, we gather that Yvonne Nelson’s real father is Mr. Oko Nelson who lives in Dansoman, just near the Mr. Biggs.

In fact, we hear he is the owner of Nellies Guest House in Dansoman—and he is a very respectable man. From our sources, Yvonne Nelson occasionally drives her VW down there to see her father, so there seems to be some off the limelight relationship between the two.

We therefore do not understand why she doesn’t mention him on twitter and interviews—when the need arises…”

So from our mini investigation, Yvonne Nelson’s dad is well and alive—the father must have in the past failed to take charge of his fatherly responsibilities with the mother having stepped in to make things happen.

That is the only reasonable explanation for the continuous marginalization of the father—with the actress having taken to Instagram a few hours ago to wish her mother happy father’s day once again.

Kids, take charge of your responsibilities in life—or else…Do you think it’s right that Yvonne Nelson is doing this? Or do you think she is doing this purposely for the attention she so much love?

This is why we also think Mzbel needs to sort out the father of her son’s controversy out else a time will come when the son wouldn’t know exactly to wish Happy Father’s Day—Prince Kofi Amoabeng will surely reject it.


According to a GhanaCelebrities.Com reader who claims to have gone to the same secondary school with Yvonne Nelson-Aggrey Memorial Secondary School in Cape Coast, Yvonne Nelson was mostly visited by her mother when she was in school—sort of indicating that, the father was not even interested in her education or played little to no role…

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5 thoughts on “YVONNE NELSON & FATHER PROBLEMS: Yvonne Nelson Wishes Her Mother HAPPY FATHER’S DAY Again Even Though She Has A Father & We Know Why…”

  1. It’s A General Problem , I’ve checked my Instagram and other social platforms and not many seem enthused about the so called Father’s Day

  2. Hmmmm this yvonne nelson want problem pa pa or attention…if u dislike your dad no need to replace him with your mum. So shameful as a famous person because he’s still alive and also us not by force to celebrate Father’s Day. Some peoples don’t do it So no need to replace your mother with your father on Father’s Day!

  3. Yvonne has serious daddy issues. She still hasn’t matured enough psychological to process it…..its like an infected wound – instead of being treated to heal, it has gotten more septic. Most women with daddy issues end up with several unstable/failed relationships due to trust issues stemming from their daddy issues. If you listen to Yvonne carefully about relationships and men, you will see she is mostly bitter. Yvonne has grown into an adult mess psychologically from telling herself her mother is her father, yet she tries to fill the daddy void with men and her attempts keep crashing. She needs to clear her head and heal herself.

  4. Mizz Nelson, i do understand your sentiment, but i’m afraid it’s time u stop posting all this stuff .loads of pple understand where u coming from, however i think u’ve said and written enough abt this issue. i hope and pray u either forgive or u find sum form of closure. Remember! it’s not everybody that’s laughing with u sum of them are laughing at u…………….

    • Someone not wishing her father a father’s message to be mankind problem. Abandoned.Ghanaian think about unproductive and profitable issues


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