Scientists Say Exercising is Good But It Won’t Help You Lose Weight


Are you one of those people who spend hours running and then when you check your weight by the end of the week—nothing has been lost?

” You’re not alone — or going mad. You’ve simply fallen foul of something scientists are increasingly recognising: exercise often doesn’t help you lose weight. And worse yet, there’s increasing evidence that it could even make you fatter.” writes the MailOnline.

According to an article which was recently published in British Journal Of Sports Medicine, we have wrongly emphasised that physical activity can prevent people becoming very overweight. And that why physical exercise is great at preventing disease—it does not necessary lead to weight loss…

That false perception, they claimed, ‘is rooted in the food industry’s public relations machine, which uses tactics chillingly similar to big tobacco companies — denial, doubt and confusing the public’.

In relation to this, the Mayo Clinic, an eminent medical research group in the U.S., says studies ‘have demonstrated no or modest weight loss with exercise alone’ and that ‘an exercise regime is unlikely to result in short-term weight loss’.

The website adds that “This was demonstrated in a recent study by Arizona State University, which focused on the effects of exercise on 81 overweight women with sedentary lifestyles. The researchers asked them to participate in a 12-week exercise programme involving three treadmill sessions a week.

They were told to follow their usual diet.
The research found that while they were fitter, there was no noticeable weight loss and 70 per cent of the women had piled on some fat.”


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