A 22-Year-Old University Student in Ghana Claims She is Pregnant for Asamoah Gyan So The Player Should PAY HER Or She Will Release Their S*X T*pe

Asamoah Gyan-Captain of Black Star
Asamoah Gyan-Captain of Black Star

What is she waiting for? She should release the tape and we will help it go viral…

A University Student-Sarah Kwabla is seriously threatening to make public a secretly recorded video of a s*xual intercourse she had with Black Stars-Captain Asamoah Gyan if the footballer does not pay up, reports NewsOne. And Asamoah Gyan is reported to have stated that, he indeed had a bangbang with the girl but it was just once.

The 22 year old claims she secretly recorded Gyan chopping her down in February—but that is not all, she is now pregnant and she is demanding that Asamoah Gyan should get her a neatly furnished apartment, a housemaid and a monthly stipend of $1,000 for postnatal care.

That is really interesting but we didn’t know Asamoah Gyan is synonymous to father Christmas. And there is more, she is now crying rape or something of that sort.

The Newspaper says, the case was “first reported  at the Odorkor police station in Accra and officials of the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) are reported to be in charge of the issue.”

This is where it gets really annoying but interesting;

“NEWS-ONE is informed that Sarah Kwabla has contracted Maurice Ampaw as her counsel while Asamoah Gyan is also represented by Kissi Agyabeng.

The police source told NEWS-ONE that though Sarah Kwabla, in her official statement, admitted  that the s*xual intercourse with Asamoah Gyan was consensual, midway into the investigation she sent the football captain a message saying she had changed her mind and that the sexual intercourse was rape.

The source said two separate medical scans conducted on Sarah proved she was truly pregnant, though the age of the pregnancy did not tally with the date she and Asamoah Gyan reportedly had the sexual rendezvous.”

Don’t get all empty because it seems Asamoah Gyan really chopped the girl down…

News-ONE adds that;  “A paternity test scheduled to have been conducted on Tuesday, June 23, to ascertain whether or not Asamoah Gyan is responsible for the pregnancy did not come on.

Though part-payment for the cost of the test had been deposited at the medical facility, Sarah Kwabla did not turn up.

She also failed to pick her calls when NEWS-ONE called her to get an explanation as to why she did not turn up for the paternity test. A text message sent to her phone was equally not replied.

The police source said Asamoah Gyan had admitted he had consensual sex with Sarah once at her apartment and that he would take full responsibility of the pregnancy and the lady if the paternity test established that he was responsible for the pregnancy.

He is said to have given her an amount of GH¢2000 to cater for her cost on antenatal care pending the paternity test.”

Now, this will be interesting—another KKD in the making or what? How did she secretly record rape?


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8 thoughts on “A 22-Year-Old University Student in Ghana Claims She is Pregnant for Asamoah Gyan So The Player Should PAY HER Or She Will Release Their S*X T*pe”

  1. She must have some special abilities to be able to foresee her own rape and setup a camera record it. Then tell the authorises that it was consensual, then change her mind and decide that it’s rape?

    Only in Ghana can this nonsense be entertained.

  2. Asamoah Gyan paa.. w’ani so aboa awu. Upon all your wealth, massa tell me you were drunk that night. tweeeaaa, ma f3re ama wo.. wo nny3 guy koraaa, wo y3 makaa maka

  3. KKD has ruined it for every Ghanaian man living or working abroad who samples the local cuisine at a rest stop.
    The ordinary restaurants are too flashy and loud and require Gucci, Versace and other expensive stuff to sample. Leaving the corner chop bars as the only alternative. With the allure of money and 5 minutes of fame,since the KKD debacle, even the corner chop bars have now installed cameras and recording devices to entrap those dare to sample it.
    My advice to Asamoah Gyan, try the chorkor/korle gonno/zongo/nima girls. They are much more loyal and will not spill the beans to anyone for fear of being slaughtered by their kin.
    Good luck

      • Tweaaa!!! I don’t do black girls. I came from one but have no interest to visit. I prefer my meat white or yellow and sleek. Preferably Eastern European or Asian. I like my women feminine and classy with their own hair. When I visit Ghana without my girlfriend I make sure I have enough in my tank to last my stay. I like waakye, jollof and fried or grilled fish with pepper but that is as far as I am willing to go with the local cuisine.
        I went to adisco and got my titbits from the Ga boys and the occasional Nima/Kanda rascals who were in my class.
        Thank you very much!

        • Eastern Europeans? so u talking Abt Polish , Romanian , Bulgaria , Slovakia ladies? Wtf . My bro u ve no taste at all . ??? n their accent alone wld kill my s#x drive if I were a man . rather spend all their Tyme working overtime n making money to buy beer n fag.Those pple smell roff . Apuu to).


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