Forget the 22-Year-Old IDIOT & Think About Asamoah Gyan’s Annual Ritual of Scandals | Next Month is A Year Since Castro’s Disappearance

Asamoah Gyan
Asamoah Gyan

I do not even have to justify to anyone why this 22-year-old University Student-Sarah Kwabla who claims to have been raped and impregnated by Asamoah Gyan is an idiot—but I will dedicate a few paragraphs to this.

Who would foresee her own rape and not prevent it by avoiding the circumstance that would lead to it happening or not bother to report it? But would rather consider the act of secretly recording herself being rape by a fit footballer as the plausible alternative?

Secondly, why wait for almost 6 months after being raped to come out—and this is as a result of the alleged rich rapist having gotten you pregnant but reluctant to throw to your undeserving corner a neatly furnished apartment, a housemaid and a monthly stipend of $1,000 as a postnatal care per your request.

It’s obvious someone is digging her gold with the wrong tools—and that person is one hell of an idiot. In fact, her choice of lawyer even says a lot about herself and her claim.

But as my headline points out, let’s forget about the gold-digging idiot and consider Ghanaian football star-Asamoah Gyan’s annual ritual of scandals in the light that, it’s almost a year since he ‘lured’ Ghanaian musician Castro De Destroyer to Ada—where the latter disappeared with his alleged girlfriend-Janet Bandu.

Obviously, the witches and wizards of Asamoah Gyan’s family are helping him make great headlines each year—they used to love the death stories but have moved on to pregnancy clothed in rape.  Mostly, the victims are innocent people and the happenings are the least expected.

Asamoah Gyan is not a brand—he just happens to play good football for some rich Arabs and has made a lot of money from this. He has no interest in protecting any brand—he has none and does not intend to build one. Therefore, the past headlines have not really affected his career, except that they’ve been noisy to his calm posture.

I wouldn’t want to say Asmaoah Gyan likes to make weird headlines, for the simple fact that he stands to gain nothing—he is not Kanye West or Kim Kardashian. But he sure has a hell lot of problems hovering around his existence.

According to reports in relation to this 22-year old idiot who is crying rape,  claiming to have a tape of the rape and saying she is pregnant for Gyan, the footballer has not denied sleeping with her—rather, he does not want to give in to her tall list of wants for her post-natal. Pre-natal and child support needs have not even been listed yet, and the richest footballer in Ghana is worried?

Young girls these days have wide-python-mouths, capable of petrifying even Asamoah Gyan who was reported to have recently splashed $3 million on a mansion in Ghana. If you make such great money headlines, be ready to pay for the weird fun games you play in people’s bed.

“Police source said Asamoah Gyan had admitted he had consensual sex with Sarah once at her apartment and that he would take full responsibility of the pregnancy and the lady if the paternity test established that he was responsible for the pregnancy,’ claims the initial report.

Indeed, if  Asamoah Gyan visited this girl’s ‘would-be dirty’ room and had sex with her there, then Asamoah Gyan has an entrenched taste for garbage. ‘Borla’!

Sarah Kwabla is a woman with a f**kable ‘juicy’ coochie but the various photos of her which GhanaCelebrities.Com has published put her in the amateur tournament, far below a reasonable league and taste for Gyan.

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Asamoah Gyan’s taste must be re-evaluated, in the sense that, it does not mirror his image—and when a person does such things, in most circumstances; there is always an underlying ‘unacceptable’ reason.

If not for charity, why would a premiere league player descend so low to play in the most disgusting and dangerous football game—and not even wear his football boots, his bulwark against obvious injuries?

Condoms must really be expensive in Ghana…

It’s time Asamoah Gyan begins to take charge of his personality and image, because the annual ritual of scandals add nothing to his flourishing career. The previous were unable to taint his walls but this surely does, and who knows what the next would be? KKD is suffering in stillness…

Dude, call your disgraceful dogs to order —and fix whatever the problem is!




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5 thoughts on “Forget the 22-Year-Old IDIOT & Think About Asamoah Gyan’s Annual Ritual of Scandals | Next Month is A Year Since Castro’s Disappearance”

  1. Infact asamoah gyan I am highly disappointed in you…. You have no class you are one useless human being ever. You can’t zip your pant gosh, must you enter every whole you see you disgust me. cheap asshole asamoah gyan. Grow up and settle down for christ sake. I wonder if your management’s advices you atall. What did you see in this girl. You are more cheap than her. Smh

  2. I am also disappionted in Asamoah Gyan. 22 years old girl? Are these men not confident enough to approach the ‘big’ girls or what? The Yvonne Nelsons are walking free showing their legs while you run after 22s?

    Chris let me say, you nailed it

  3. Chris may sometimes annoying but handown he is the BEST Ghanaian blogger. He goes in on the issues real fast, real hard and real tough. All the others are just doing copy and past.

    On this issue I think Asamoah Gyan should be ashamed of himself. So he has all the money why dont he want to pay the girl the small if he actually slept with her. Is it that he thinks the girl does not deserve it? Didn’t he think that way when he was humping her?

    My thing is pink!

  4. Lol obiaa n3 ni taste wai….full yawa paa ni…asamoah look at sulley muntari and learn from him wai (ugly as fuck but with a beautiful wife and a responsable man as well)


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