Mzbel’s Toothless ‘Dog’ Afia Schwarzenegger Goes After Caroline Sampson | Says Caroline Is The True Mother Of A B*stard

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Afia Schwarzenegger
Afia Schwarzenegger

If you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones—and this applies to Afia Schwarzenegger, Mzbel as much as Caroline Sampson. Perhaps, at this stage we can call them the 3 stupid dogs—named after the popular Cartoon.

We thought it was unacceptable for Chris-Vincent, Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com to call Mzbel’s son a b*stard—at least this is what many people including Mzbel (real name Nana Ekua Amoah) said.

But here we have Mzbel’s buddy- Afia Schwarzenegger calling Caroline Sampson’s son the B word—saying, Caroline is the true Mama B*stard when Caroline never used that word for Mzbel or her son.

It seems it’s acceptable for Mzbel and her low lives to call people names but when a shot is fired their way, they go crying out loud—playing the card of child innocence.

Is Caroline’s child not also equally innocent?

This whole Mzbel and child’s issue started when Prince Kofi Amoabeng in a recent interview on Joy Fm denied being the father of Mzbel’s son-Aaron.

The saga was made worst by GhanaCelebrities.Com when the Editor published an article stating that Kofi Amoabeng’s denial makes the child fathers—and a b*stard, on the back of the fact that Mzbel had told him in the past that Kofi Amoabeng was the true father.

This lead to several radio and TV discussions—that brought Caroline Sampson, also a mother of one into commenting on the issue. Her comment did not sit well with Mzbel—the reason why Mzbel and her soldiers going after her and her son.

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  1. Herrrr so this empty trash bin Afia has the guts to insult Caroline. Eeii infact I don’t blame her but her ugly mouth. Pig why would you call someone else’s kid a Bustard God Punish you Afia. Where is the father of your kids the ofri kids you have only God knows. My friend shut the hell up before thunder strike you idiots fools. Nkwaseasem

  2. Look at her big mouth like Danquah Circle.. you open your mouth into any convenient radius and start bisecting rubbish.

  3. honestly caroline shouldn’t have said anything about mzbels kid in the media like that…if she really is a true friend she wouldn’t have…unless she has been asked by mzbel to say so for pr stunt…but caroline should have known better as a media personality…you Afia you are not funny anymore…used to like you when you but now you are something else…