Why Are So Many Marriages Breaking Down Because Of MONEY?

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When you’re single and a friend’s marriage end because of money, to you the single person, how can ‘mere’ money cause problems? Young marriages are breaking down and unfortunately, it’s not because of abuse or philandering but because one person tried to financially ‘outsmart’ the other or one person is accumulating debts by ‘gathering dust’.

We can all spend our monies anyway/anyhow we deem fit but when we decide to marry, we should be fiscally responsible first for our own good and the home we want to build together as family. When splashing monies during ‘courting’ (what we call courting these days is actually having sex and not studying the person), generations unborn should somehow be put into consideration.

Money shouldn’t rule us; we should be ruling the cash!

Some of us women especially don’t expect some lifestyles to change just because we are married. If during the courtship years, our main kitchen (main as the operative word) was the restaurants and takeaways (where the man is forking out money for the meals), we can’t ‘afford’ to relocate our kitchen to our matrimonial homes otherwise it will be ‘starvation galore’ – better to start things the way you’d like it to be.

Ladies should as well pay attention to how a man spends his money – you need to look beyond his ‘stunting’ because some of them talk about women being irresponsible with their money but they are worse than the women they’re complaining about. It’s advisable to pay attention to how people spend and manage their money if you have marriage on your mind.

Having joint accounts is not a must for every couple. You can’t operate this type of accounts with people who lack financial integrity. If it’s going to cause a problem, avoid it altogether and find a suitable and workable way to deal with expenses. We should all be fairly responsible with our money.

It’s very silly for a young couple to go take a loan for a wedding because they want to ‘beat’ somebody else’s wedding. We can’t all live like other people – life will be much easier if we stop unhealthy comparisons and competitions. How can you compete with friends who paid for their wedding from their pocket by taking out a loan for your own wedding?

If you’re courting someone who cannot live within his/her means now, there’s the probability they won’t do when married because you know how ‘sweet’ it is to enjoy someone else’s money – extra money, extra spending! The wrong man, and/or woman can partially cause you financial ruin.

Many people have gone broke and even bankrupt due to the spending habit of a spouse. It’s your responsibility to ensure that the person you could potentially marry shares your thinking, values and ideals on money. It sounds too hypocritical to complain about a spouse’s habit if you were very much aware of those flaws before you married them and many people divorced not because of a new attitude a spouse ‘adopted’ but how they’ve always been.

Be the husband looking to marry a wife because it’s not everyone who eases into marriage life – they want to marry and behave like a singleton, thinking like a single man/woman even when kids starts coming into the already messed up equation.

Why marry the man/woman hoping a particular habit/attitude will change ‘just because he/she is married’?

Either you embrace it wholeheartedly or have a rethink because ‘with age does not always come wisdom’ – that assertion applies to just a handful of people. Many of us act our shoe sizes and not our age.